How to add protein powder to yogurt

Yogurt is a wonderful source of protein, especially Greek yogurt, but you can increase the protein by adding protein powder. Here are some tips for how to add protein powder to yogurt.

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Adding protein powder to yogurt is a great way to increase the protein content. Protein powder can be added to yogurt in a few different ways depending on the taste and texture you are trying to achieve and how you want to consume you your yogurt and protein powder.

How to Add Protein Powder to Yogurt

One way to add protein powder to yogurt is to simply mix the two together. This is the easiest way to add protein powder to yogurt, but it may not be the most taste effective. Another way to add protein powder to your yogurt is to make a shake. No matter which method you use, there are a few things to think about when mixing protein powder in yogurt.

Can you add protein powder to yogurt?

Yes, you absolutely can add protein powder to yogurt, regular or Greek style. If using Greek style yogurt, you already have some extra protein, so adding additional protein powder will make a great pre or post workout meal. I add protein to yogurt for our medically complex daughter to make sure we meet her protein needs.

How do you mix protein powder into yogurt?

The easiest way to mix protein powder into yogurt is to just stir it in. If you don’t stir carefully, you will cause the protein powder to fly out of the yogurt. You can put the powder on the bottom of a bowl and then add the yogurt to the top, but then you have to be sure to stir well to the bottom of the bowl. I prefer to do this in bulk in a large mixing bowl the same way I make these overnight protein oats.

What kind of protein powder should you add to yogurt?

You can add any kind of protein powder to yogurt. I would suggest whatever kind you typically use for protein shakes. I prefer an organic protein powder that is as “clean” as possible. The only thing to avoid is a protein powder that typically mixes in with a grainy texture. That texture will transfer into your yogurt.

What flavor protein powder should you use?

Any flavor of protein powder works well in yogurt. Just remember to coordinate your flavors. If you have a fruit flavored yogurt, you might consider a vanilla protein powder as opposed to a chocolate or strawberry, unless you like that mix of flavors.

What kind of yogurt should I add protein powder to?

The type of yogurt you choose should depend on the consistency you like and what you nutritional goals are. If you are looking to maximize your protein intake, a Greek yogurt is best. If you are limiting fats, then a fat free option might be best.

For our medically complex daughter who is primarily g-tube fed, I always choose a whole milk full fat yogurt for extra calories. We typically add peanut butter to her yogurt to maximize her fats, proteins, and calories.

How much protein powder should you add to yogurt?

Depending on the size scoop of protein powder, you may want to adjust your amount of yogurt to make sure your consistency is right. Typically one scoop of protein powder does well in 3/4 to one cup of yogurt.

Can you add protein powder to yogurt in bulk?

When I add protein powder to yogurt I typically do it in bulk and then store the yogurt in individual jars. I add four servings of protein powder to one large 30 oz. container of yogurt. This is often part of my weekend meal prep. Scroll to the bottom for some free printable jar labels for your yogurt jars!

You could also store the yogurt in an airtight bowl with a lid, or even store it back in two yogurt containers. Prepping the yogurt in a large bowl makes it easier to use a whisk to mix in the protein powder.

What else can I add to yogurt?

Sometimes I prefer to make a complete meal out of my yogurt and I also add a scoop of greens and a scoop of collagen. You can really add any powdered supplement you like to the yogurt without changing the consistency too much.

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