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Hi there!  I’m Melissa.  I am wife to Stacy and homeschooling mom to six amazing children.  Here I hope to provide resources and encouragement that help moms of large busy families accomplish more every day!

I absolutely believe that every child deserves a family, so I am passionate about adoption, especially of medically fragile and special needs children.  I spend time advocating for this cause in my community and online.

I want to equip and encourage parents in the foster care and adoption process, and also after their house is filled to the brim, just like mine.

Do you struggle with balancing homeschooling with homemaking.  Do you want to put healthy food on your table and use natural remedies whenever possible but just can’t seem to find the time to make it all happen.  This is totally me.  I love finding solutions to these problems and sharing what works with other moms.

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My goal is to keep our house running and our crew on track and living with purpose.  I’m introverted in ways that surprise even me.  I am happiest curled up in the over-sized chair in the corner of my bedroom with a good book (nonfiction) and a warm cup of coffee; knowing that my husband is nearby and my babies are tucked safely in their own beds.  Bliss!

This is the love of my life, The Offroad Guy.


He keeps me from becoming a hermit.  He is everything I am not: ultra social, completely approachable and always without anything resembling a plan.  He is the ultimate “manly man.”  He does all things outdoorsy and John Wayne-ish.  His theory on children is this: the more you have, the the more folks you will have around to care for you in your old age.



These are 5 of our 6 kiddos.  Our latest addition, Phoebe, is our medically fragile little miracle.  Her adoption was finalized in February.


These folks keep me hopping on a daily basis.  Allowing them to explore and learn while sharpening and truing them into effective arrows is a full time job.

We live in East Tennessee on land that has been in my family for 3 generations and in the house that once belonged to my great grandparents.  My aunt and uncle live next door and my parents just down the gravel drive.


We have one incredibly spoiled dog.  Various other critters pass through from time to time as life ebbs and flows.  There were those three crazy goats last year and the even more crazy pony…

I hope to be able to share something that has worked for us that will encourage and equip you.  Be sure to subscribe over on the left hand side of the page so you never miss a post.  Follow along with all of our adventures via the social media buttons below.


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