Family relationships are the most important and by far the most difficult to nourish.  Here you will find tips, resources and encouragement and other family resources.  You will also find self-care resources, particularly for moms.

Family Resources and encouragement for Marriage, parenting and self-care.

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Family Resources and Encouragement


Parenting is one of the most difficult challenges parents face.  These posts share some quick rules and encouragement that have helped us through the years of parenting 6 children, 3 of which have some special and medical needs.

The On the Spot Rule

The Hand it Over Rule for Screens – Free Printable Contract for Phones and Screens

14 Days of Printable Love Notes for Kids – Free Printable

Great Books to Read to Babies

5 Ways to Encourage Reading in Children

Printable Morning and Bedtime Routine Cards


Protecting the marriage, the pillar of the family life, is paramount.  With the increasing divorce statistics, we know that we must be diligent.  I hope these posts will encourage you and your spouse.

Five Reasons to Leave Love Notes for Your Husband {Free Printable Love Notes}


5 Questions to Ask When Feeling Overwhelmed

Reading List for Moms 2017

Why Special Needs Moms Need Community

Hope for the Overwhelmed Mom

Large Family

Large Family Laundry System

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum for the Large Family

Family Fun

Geocaching for the Family

Top 10 Family Fun Night Ideas

Mom’s Guide to Dollywood – Part 1 – Planning

Mom’s Guide to Dollywood – Part 2 – What to Bring

Homemade Slime


The Power of Praise

Choosing to Love when Life is Hard

Faith that Sets You Free

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