Morning and Bedtime Routines Make Back to School Super Easy {Blog Hop}

Use these great back to school ideas to make the transition seamless and get your kids back in the school routine. Help for moms and kids to make back to school time management easier!


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Today on all of our Simply Bloggers blogs we will be sharing our favorite Back to School ideas for your families!! We have quite a variety of posts to share with you about everything from staying healthy to developing some routines that will carry you through the school year. I hope you will click around and find tons of great ideas and encouragement!!

One of the benefits of homeschooling is the option to school year round.  Keeping some solid routines in place allows us to keep going and to get back in the groove of school easily after we take a break.

Routines vs. Schedules

We discovered long ago that we as a family function better in a routine than we do on a schedule.  Of course, there are some activities in our life like homeschool co-op and our extracurricular activities, but all of the hours in between are run on routines instead of schedules.

The two most important routines of our day are our morning routine and our bedtime routine.  I find that if both of these routines are in place and we actually follow them, all of the other pieces of our day go more smoothly.

Routine Cards

The younger children in our house sometimes have trouble recalling all of the parts of their routine.  To help them, I made some simple routine cards.  These cards have space for up to eight tasks and can be checked off Monday through Friday.

When the routine cards are printed, they can be folded so the child can have one card with the morning routine on one side and the bedtime routine on the other.  They can also be cut in half so the child has a separate card for each time of day.

Tip: Laminate the cards and use a wet erase marker to make the cards last longer.


Activities for Routine Cards

I leave these cards intentionally blank so I can amend a routine when necessary.  Here are some things I include on the cards:


  • Brush Teeth
  • Prayers
  • Pick up Toys
  • Read Story
  • Pick Clothes for Tomorrow


  • Make Bed
  • Get Dressed
  • Bible Reading
  • Prayer
  • Brush Hair


Free Printable

You can get your own free copy of my cards here:

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope these cards help simplify your daily routines.


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Natural health, homemaking, large family, homeschooling

Natural health, homemaking, large family, homeschooling


  1. Ooooh- I love the idea of laminated printables to help the littles. I feel like I’m often asking “have you finished ___” 4 million times a day! Brilliant!

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