Tips for Foster Parents

Being a foster parent is not always easy, but it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Learn to navigate the world of foster care more easily with these tips for foster parents covering everything from the foster care home study to setting up a foster care bedroom.

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When my husband and I were first certified as foster parents, we had no idea what to expect. Yes, we had completed the classes and training, but nothing could have prepared us for our first experiences as foster parents.

Please remember that each state has it’s own set of laws governing foster care and the children in the foster care system. When in doubt, always refer to the guidelines of your state and agency. However, there are some tips that can help you navigate foster care more smoothly.

All the best tips for foster parents can be found here!  #fosterparent #fostercare #fosterchild | foster parenting | foster care tips | foster care bedroom | foster care binder | foster care adoption

Tips for Foster Parents

1. Before you begin the process of becoming a foster parent, be absolutely certain that you are committed to the process. Read and discuss this list of Things to Consider Before the Foster Care Home Study.

2. Prepare for your home study early. Use this Home Study Checklist for Foster Care and Adoption to make sure you are as prepared as possible.

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3. The Home Study process can be one of the slowest and most stressful steps in your foster care journey. Use these Seven Ways to Speed Up the Home Study Process.

4. Also, before beginning the process, think about this list of Foster Care System Pros and Cons.

Organization Resources for Foster Parents

5. Speed up one of the slowest steps of the home study process by knowing How to Gather Reference Letters for the Foster Care Home Study.

6. Be prepared for your monthly home safety check with this Monthly Home Safety Checklist for Foster Care.

7. Know how many foster children your home can be approved for with this list of Foster Care Bedroom Requirements.

8. Before you begin the home study process, review this list of Qualifications to be a Foster Parent.

9. Preparing Your Home for Foster Care is one of the most time consuming steps. Use this post to make sure you do it right the first time.

10. Most people worry about the foster care interview and home study. Know what to expect with this list of Foster Care Home Study Questions.

11. Learn what the foster care home study is all about with this post that talks you through what the home study writer is looking for and why they ask the specific questions they do.

12. Foster to adopt is the most popular method of adoption in the US. Learn all about Adoption Through Foster Care here.

All the best tips for foster parents can be found here!  #fosterparent #fostercare #fosterchild | foster parenting | foster care tips | foster care bedroom | foster care binder | foster care adoption

Foster Care Bedrooms

13. Have a room ready for your first foster care placement with these Tips for Setting Up a Foster Care Bedroom.

14. Use these Space Saving Tips for Foster Care Bedrooms to be able to provide comfortable foster care in small living spaces.

15. Consider providing a “worry board” in your foster child’s bedroom. Make the most of this tool with How to Use a Worry Board in a Foster Care Bedroom.

Foster Care Bedroom Resources

Parenting Foster Children

“Fostering is a difficult job, one that leaves little time for rest, time with spouses, and time to recharge those inner batteries. For myself, there have been times in my life when it seems I had very little time alone with my wife, even spending five minutes alone talking about the events of the day, plans for the future, or challenges that some of the children in our home were facing.  This alone can be exhausting, and can lead to burnout”

-Dr. John DeGarmo, The Dangers of Burnout.

16. Consistency and predictability are important for all children, especially those in foster care. Increase your chance for smoother days with How to Create a Schedule for a Foster Child.

17. Foster parenting is rewarding but it can also take an emotional toll on the foster parents. Use these ideas for Self Care for Foster Parents to care for yourself in the foster care process.

18. When you are looking for some fun time with your foster children, remember, Dollywood offers Free Dollywood Tickets for Foster Families.

All the best tips for foster parents can be found here!  #fosterparent #fostercare #fosterchild | foster parenting | foster care tips | foster care bedroom | foster care binder | foster care adoption

19. Foster care can have a huge impact on even the strongest marriage. Practice these ideas for Marriage Care for Foster Parents.

20. Historically, foster children were required to attend public school. Recently, however, the answer to Can you homeschool a foster child has changed! Read more about it via this link!

21. Find the perfect gift to bless the foster parents you know. This list of over 30 gifts for foster parents will be helpful and appreciated in the foster care journey.

22. Foster parenting can also be an expensive endeavor. However, there are some discounts and even some free things available to foster parents. Find those here!

23. Once your home study is complete and your home is approved and open, then all you can do is wait. Here are some things to do and NOT to do while you prepare for your first foster care placement.

24. Create a foster care comfort kit to have on hand for your each of your foster placements. A few simple items in a backpack can do a lot to ease the transition into your home for a child.

25. Foster care TV shows are definitely not the place to find tips for foster parents, or accurate information about the foster care system. In fact, there are many problems with Foster Care TV Shows, that even though they bring awareness and normalize foster care, they may cause some issues.

26. In response to the ever increasing number of kids in foster care in the united states, there has also been a rise in the number of Foster Care TV Shows. Though these show are not a reliable source of foster care tips, they do serve to normalize the foster care dynamic for kids, parents and those outside the foster care system.

27. Christmas is a time when many families come together to celebrate. For foster children, it can be a difficult time if they’re not able to go home for the holidays. Here are some Tips for Foster Parents this Christmas to help you and your foster child navigate the holidays.

28. If you’re considering becoming a foster parent, or are new to the system, it’s helpful to know some of the acronyms used in foster care. This guide will help you understand what all those letters stand for and give you a better idea of what to expect when navigating the foster care system. Being educated and prepared is one of the best tips for foster parents!

29. Do you want to become a foster parent and want to know more about the types of children needing care? Learn about medically fragile foster care and get lots of tips for foster parents here.

30. Fostering medically fragile infants can be particularly challenging.

31. Creating Christmas Traditions for Foster Families can seem impossible but it is actually a beautiful memory for both the foster parent and the foster children. Find some great ideas in this post.

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