Gifts for Foster Parents

Are you shopping for gifts for foster parents? If so, this list is perfect for Christmas gifts, appreciation gifts and all occasions! You can also find lots of tips for foster parents that might give you additional ideas for blessing them with gifts.

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Gifts for Foster Parents

Foster parents are normal people and will enjoy gifts of all kinds. However, if you are looking for gifts uniquely for foster parents or gifts that will bless them in their foster care journey, these ideas will be perfect!

Home Safety Gifts for the Foster Home

Foster homes are required to maintain safety standards. You can see an example of a monthly home safety checklist here. Because of these standards, there are extra safety items needed in a foster home. The following is a list of amazon links to specific items that are needed,

Foster Parent Gear

Keychains, mugs and the like are always a sweet gift idea. Encouraging items that acknowledge the foster care journey will make a foster parent feel special and acknowledge that the calling to foster a child is a worthy and life changing pursuit.

Household Item Gifts for Foster Homes

Before a license can be issued for a foster parent, the foster parents and their home must be put through an inspection process known as a home study. The foster care home study looks at not only the parents themselves, but also their home to determine if it would be a safe environment for a foster child. Sometimes there are extra items needed to equip a foster home like:

Home Decor Gifts for Foster Parents

Some foster parents love to decorate their home with signs and pictures that express their passion for parenting children in need. Etsy offers lots of great decor options in many styles like these.

Self Care Gifts for Foster Parents

Foster parents, especially those who foster special needs and medically fragile children. As you know, life can be absolutely exhausting when you are parenting children who have not been through trauma, but adding that element adds much anxiety and stress for many foster parents. Gifts that help them practice some self care are always a great idea!

Self care gifts could include gift certificates for a spa service like a manicure, pedicure or massage. You could also give a gift certificate for a meal at a restaurant.

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