Easter Bunny Crescent Rolls

If you are looking for a fun bread recipe for your easter dinner, these super cute Easter Bunny Crescent Rolls are sure to please the kids and parents alike.

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Easter Bunny Decor from Etsy

Easy Easter Bunny Crescent Rolls

What could be more festive for Easter dinner than these adorable crescent roll bunnies? They are so easy to make and are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Just shape the crescent rolls into bunny ears and add some raisins for the eyes and nose. So cute and so delicious!

What kind of crescent rolls should I use?

For this recipe, you will want to use refrigerated crescent roll dough. You can find this in the refrigerated section of your grocery store near the other pre-made doughs. If you can find flat dough that is not perforated, that will work best or you can use the Pillsburry Rounds Crescent Dough.

Can I used canned crescent roll dough?

You can use canned dough, but you will want to roll the perforations together so your bunnies do not separate. In fact, if I am using canned dough, I like to use two cans of dough per set of bunnies. One can is the bunny face, and the other can is shaped into ears.

How do I shape the crescent rolls into bunnies?

Shaping the actual bunny face is pretty easy. Once you have sealed the perforations of one can or sheet of crescent roll dough, re-roll the dough into a stick that will make the widest circles when sliced. Then slice round pieces of the dough off and place on a lined baking sheet leaving plenty of room between each face to add the ears.

How do I shape the crescent rolls into bunny ears?

To shape the crescent rolls into bunny ears, simply roll each triangle of dough into a long thin rope. Then, shape the rope into an loop shape and place on the backing sheet two on top of each bunny face. Repeat with all of the crescent rolls.

How long do I bake the crescent rolls?

Baking the crescent rolls is really simple, just follow the instructions on the packaging. However, if any of the pieces of your bunny are thin, you might take the bunnies out a little earlier or just watch to make sure those parts of your bunny rolls do not burn or get too crisp.

How do I decorate the crescent roll easter bunnies?

For the eyes and nose, I like to use raisins. You could also use small chocolate chips or even sliced almonds. To make your bunny have whiskers, you could use small shredded carrot sticks or even tiny strings of licorice. For a cute bunny nose, you could use a pink jelly bean. Get creative and have fun with it!

These crescent roll easter bunnies are so easy to make and are sure to be a hit at your Easter dinner. So cute and so delicious, everyone will love them!

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