Dollywood Senior Discount

Senior citizens visiting Dollywood should be sure to take advantage of the Dollywood Senior Discount when purchasing tickets and season passes. This is one of the best Dollywood Tips for those who want to visit Dollywood with grandparents!

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Dollywood Senior Discount

Are you looking to take advantage of the awesome discounts that Dollywood offers its senior citizens? Then you’re in luck, because this post will provide clear instructions on how to do just that!

We will cover everything you need to know about the Dollywood senior citizens discount including age requirements and what kind of proof is needed. With this, you’ll be equipped with everything necessary for taking full advantage of Dollywood’s discount offered to senior citizens.

Who qualifies for the senior discount

The Dollywood Senior Citizen Discount on tickets is an amazing way for seniors to enjoy the park at a discounted price! To qualify, you must be age 62 or older and provide proof of age.

Those that are eligible can purchase daily admission tickets and season passes at a reduced rate. So if you are 62 or over, this is your chance to experience the adventures of Dollywood without having to worry about breaking the bank!

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What is included in the discount?

Dollywood offers a discount for senior citizens aged 62 or older. The discount applies to tickets season passes only. There is no discount for parking or food and merchandise in the park or other park amenities.

Is proof of age required for the Dollywood Senior Discount?

To qualify for the Dollywood Senior Citizen discount, proof of age is required. These documents must present the ability to confirm that the senior citizen is the right age to receive the discount offer. Acceptable forms of proof of age are:

  • Drivers License
  • State ID
  • Military ID

tips for using the discount

Savvy senior citizens looking to get the most out of the Dollywood Senior Citizen Discount will definitely want to consider investing in a season pass! Not only is it a great savings, but those who are 62 and over will get not only the regular season pass savings, but the addition benefit of the senior discount. With a seasonal pass, fulfilling your ticket needs as a senior has never been easier or more economical!

How much is a senior discount ticket for dollywood?

Dollywood does offer a discount on tickets and season passes for senior citizens. Dollywood is offering a specially discounted ticket for seniors that makes it more affordable to get the best of what the park has to offer. The discount is applied as follow for the 2023 season:

  • 1 Day Theme Park Ticket $79 ($10 off the regular price)
  • Two Day Theme Park Ticket $99 ($10 off the regular price)
  • Three Day Theme Park Ticket $109 ($10 off the regular price)
  • Season Pass $154 ($10 off the regular price)

All guests 62 years of age and older can take advantage of this special deal – just make sure to bring your proof of age with you to the box office when purchasing the tickets. The cost of a discounted senior ticket is well worth it – seniors can enjoy all of the attractions that Dollywood has to offer without breaking the bank. Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Does Dollywood accept AARP discounts?

Dollywood no longer offers an AARP discount. However, the senior discount is offered to senior citizens age 62 and over.

What age is free for dollywood?

The only age groups that are offered free admission to Dollywood are ages 0-3, and those who qualify for the Dollywood Pre K Imagination Pass.

In conclusion, the Dollywood senior citizen discount offers an affordable way for seniors to experience the beauty and fun of Dollywood theme park. It’s no wonder the park has become one of the most popular places for seniors to visit over the years! Who can resist a discounted ticket price for amazing rides and attractions? Furthermore, there are multiple additional benefits that come with being a senior at Dollywood, such as discounts on meals, gifts, and more. With all these different kinds of benefits, it’s easy to see why taking advantage of this special offer is a great choice for seniors who want to make their budget stretch further while having loads of fun at the same time!

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