Dollywood Rides

Plan your day at Dollywood around the Dollywood Rides you will not want to miss. Plus, get some Dollywood Tips that will make your day unforgettable for you and your family!

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Dollywood is a fun and family-friendly theme park located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It offers rides for people of all ages, from thrilling roller coasters to kiddie rides that are perfect for toddlers and smaller children.

The atmosphere at Dollywood is both exciting and welcoming, making it the ideal destination for families looking for an unforgettable day out. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or a leisurely ride, there’s something at Dollywood rides for everyone.

Dollywood Rides

At Dollywood rides, you will find a range of rides for all ages and preferences. Thrill rides include Wild Eagle, the first wing coaster in the United States; Thunderhead, a wooden roller coaster; and FireChaser Express, a family-friendly roller coaster.

For younger children there are kiddie rides such as The Dragonflier and Whistle Punk Chaser. These rides are perfect for introducing young ones to the world of theme park rides.

Dollywood Roller coasters

A thrill ride is a type of amusement rides designed to give riders an adrenaline rush. These rides usually involve high speeds, sudden drops, and tight turns that can make for an exciting experience. Thrill rides are typically the most popular rides at theme parks due to their ability to provide an intense feeling of exhilaration. Dollywood has an abundance of thrill rides including:

  • The Wild Eagle (First Winged Coaster)
  • Mystery Mine
  • Thunderhead (Wooden Roller Coaster)
  • Lightning Rod
  • Blazing Fury
  • Tennessee Tornado
  • Dragon Flyer
  • Big Bear Mountain
  • Fire Chaser Express

Kiddie Rides at Dollywood

Kiddie rides are rides designed specifically for the smaller members of your family. These are the best rides for toddlers at Dollywood. At Dollywood rides, there is a wide range of kiddie rides including The Dragonflier, Whistle Punk Chaser and Little Engine.

These rides are perfect for introducing young children to the world of theme park rides in a safe and enjoyable way. These are the kiddie rides Dollywood theme park has to offer:

  • The Amazing Flying Elephants
  • The Busy Bees
  • Black Bear Trail
  • Frogs and Fireflies
  • Hidden Hollow
  • Lucky Ducky
  • Piggy Parade

Family Rides at Dollywood

Family rides are rides designed to be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Unlike thrill rides, which are typically aimed at adults, family rides are more gentle and geared towards all ages. These rides provide an enjoyable experience for all ages, offering gentle rides with plenty of fun and excitement.

At Dollywood there is a range of family rides including:

  • The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel,
  • FireChaser Express
  • The Dollywood Express Train
  • The Village Carousel
  • The Dizzy Disc
  • Barnstormer
  • Daredevil Falls
  • Demolition Derby
  • Dropline
  • Great Tree Swing
  • Lemon Twist
  • The Mad Mockingbird
  • Rockin’ Roadway
  • The Scrambler
  • Shooting Star
  • Sky Rider
  • River Rampage
  • Treetop Tower
  • The Waltzing Swinger

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Does Dollywood Theme Park have water rides?

Yes, Dollywood theme park does have a selection of water rides. These rides provide an exciting experience with plenty of thrills, as well as giving riders a chance to cool off in the summer heat. The water rides, such as River Rampage and Daredevil Falls may be closed in the winter months due to tempertures.

How many rides are there at Dollywood?

It is difficult to keep a good count of how many rides are actually in Dollywood theme park each year. Dollywood does a fantastic job of adding new rides and attractions each season. For the 2023 season there are thirty seven rides at Dollywood not counting the numerous play places for kids and attractions.

Are the Rides at dollywood handicap accessible?

Yes, rides at Dollywood are handicap accessible. The rides are designed with wheelchair and other mobility devices in mind, allowing visitors of all abilities to enjoy the rides. Most rides have an accessible entrance as well as a companion seating area for those who require assistance. In addition, many rides have designated access ramps to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the rides.

How to get the most out of a visit to Dollywood

There are a few things that visitors can do to get the most out of their trip to Dollywood:

Dollywood rides offer a wide variety of rides for all ages to enjoy. From kiddie rides like The Dragonflier to family rides like Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, there is something for everyone at this theme park.

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