Best Dollywood Rides for Toddlers

Are you planning a visit to Dollywood with your toddler? The best hack for visiting Dollywood with little kids is knowing where to find the Dollywood Rides for Toddlers.

Find all the best dollywood rides for toddlers so you can visit dollywood with your whole family and still have a great time!  #dollywood

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Dollywood is clearly the largest and overall best amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It is complete with everything from roller coasters, to great food, to live music. Dollywood has something for the whole family, even the toddlers who are sometimes hard to manage for long hot days in a theme park.

Toddlers have as much fun as the adults at Dollywood thanks to the variety of rides, splash pad, and soft play structure, among other things that small children will enjoy!

Dollywood Rides for Toddlers

When you first enter the Dollywood Theme Park, the natural flow of traffic takes you to the right and you walk straight toward Jukebox Junction. This is where you will find the first ride for your toddler.

Rockin’ Roadway

On the Rockin’ Roadway, you will take the wheel of a classic Corvette, Thunderbird or Cadillac, and cruise around a scenic route down a country road set in the 1950s where classic Berma Shave billboards dot the landscape. Parents can ride along with children as they turn the steering wheel, blow the horn and sing along with 50’s music classics.

The best place to find actual “rides” for kids at Dollywood is in the County Fair section of the park. This is one of the oldest sections of the park but it is fully equipped with plenty of rides for your tiny thrill seeker.

Village Carousel

Just before you walk down the hill into the Country Fair section of Dollywood, be sure to stop at the Village Carousel. The carousel is ideal for the toddler who needs their parent with them. Parents can stand by their child as the child rides of the beautifully painted animals on the vintage carousel or sit with them on one of the carousel benches. The carousel is fully accessible for wheel chairs and both children and adults with varying disabilities and special needs.

Busy Bees

Once you walk down into the Country Fair, you will find several rides for young children that provide a safe but fun ride experience for toddlers. One of my little girls favorite rides is the Busy Bees. These bumble bee cars fly around in a circle and raise up and down. An older sibling who is small enough to fit may ride with a toddler if necessary.

Piggy Parade

Just across from the Busy Bees you will find the Piggy Parade. This ride is quite similar to the Busy Bees where adorable piggy cars travel in a circle around a larger than life scarecrow. The piggy cars do not move up and down, but they are still loads of fund. An older sibling who is small enough to fit may ride with a toddler if necessary.

Lucky Ducky

In the same area as the Piggy Parade and Busy Bees, you will find the Lucky Ducky ride. The brightly colored duck shaped cars travel in a circle with steering wheels for the kids to use. The ducky cars are large enough for a parent to ride with a toddler.

The Amazing Flying Elephants

When you climb aboard one of the elephant cars on the Amazing Flying Elephants, mom and dad can ride with a toddler as the elephants soar around in a circle and go up and down.

The Dollywood Express Train Ride

As you make your way back up out of the Country Fair, don’t miss a ride on the Dollywood Express. The train ride is a 20-minute mountain excursion pulled by an authentic 110-ton coal-fired steam engine. The ride takes you on a breathtaking five-mile journey through the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains where you’ll enjoy pastoral scenery and some of the most beautiful views that nature has to offer.

The train ride is perfect for toddlers and even infants can ride with parents. The only issue with the train ride is the soot from the engine. It can get in the eyes of passengers so, if you have any issues with your eyes, as our youngest does, you should sit in a rear facing seat.

Fire House Fun Yard

As you travel through the Wilderness pass area of the park, don’t miss the Fire House Fun Yard. Dollywood’s new FireChaser Express proves recruits come in all sizes, and now recruits less than 39 inches can enjoy their time at the new FireChaser Express Firehouse Fun Yard. This interactive children’s play area includes pop-jet water features, a “soft play” structure where children can slide and play, a block table, and a chalk board coloring wall. 

The next area of the park that has lots of attractions that toddlers will love is the New in 2019 Wildwood Grove. In Wildwood Grove you will find rides for your toddler as well as a splash pad for them to cool off.

Frogs and Fireflies

Ride along in a frog shaped care as hungry frogs chase each other through the marsh in this playful roundabout ride. A clump of tall grasses in the center is home to flickering fireflies, fluttering just out of reach of the frogs. Racing around and around to the sounds of a lively bluegrass tune, riders and their frogs dodge up and down as they try to catch the fireflies.

Wildwood Creek

At the heart of the Grove, directly across from the iconic Tree, is Wildwood Creek, a welcome “oasis” for cooling off and taking a break. Crossing over a scenic footbridge, young and old can roll up their cuffs, wade and splash the day away in the fresh mountain water. All along the creek, there are stones to skip, shallow eddies to wade, bridges to cross and springs that tickle the senses. 

Nearby a scenic waterfall, which is the source of the Creek, creates an inviting photo-op. Visitors can stroll beneath rustic, woodsy shade structures or relax on one of the seat walls lining the area. Charming musical instruments, including chimes, drums and a xylophone invite guests to create their own tunes.

Enjoy visiting Dollywood theme park with your toddler by knowing where all the best toddler rides are!

Do Dollywood toddler rides have height requirements?

Dollywood has plenty of rides for visitors of all ages as sizes. Many of the rides do have a height requirement but Dollywood makes it super easy to know which rides are appropriate for your child. Be sure to stop by the Ride Measuring Center located immediately to the left as you enter the park through the turnstiles. They will give your child a color-coded wristband that lets them know which rides they are tall enough to experience! You can also find all the height requirements for Dollywood rides here.

Dollywood Season Passes

One of the best things that makes Dollywood an accessible, family friendly park for the entire family is the season pass. A Season Pass is the best way to experience everything Dollywood has to offer. With exciting things happening all year long, like award-winning festivals and events, a season pass allows you to be there for every moment with unlimited visits for a discounted price. Get all the details and purchase season passes here.

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