Are Dogs Allowed in Dollywood

Are dogs allowed in Dollywood? If you’re planning on bringing your furry friend to Dollywood, be aware that dogs are not allowed in the park. Only service animals are permitted on the premises. You can still have a blast enjoying all of the rides and attractions with these Dollywood Tips!

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Are dogs allowed in Dollywood?

If you’re planning to visit Dollywood, the famous theme park in Tennessee, you may be wondering if you can bring your four-legged friend along. After all, who doesn’t want to have their best buddy with them on vacation? Unfortunately, the Dollywood guidelines do not allow for pets in the park. There are, however, other options for you to enjoy the park and have your dog well cared for close by.

What about service dogs?

Of course, service dogs are allowed in the park at Dollywood. However, there are some guidelines they must adhere to.

  • Pets must remain on a leash throughout their stay
  • Owners must pick up after them
  • Animals are not allowed on any of the rides or attractions so

Does Dollywood offer dog boarding?

Dollywood does offer accommodations for your pet at Doggywood. Doggywood is Dollywood’s onsite pet cottages. Doggywood is located adjacent to Guest Services at Dollywood’s Front Gate. Space is limited and reservations are highly recommended. Of course, you should always check the official Dollywood website for the most accurate and up to date information.

For anyone planning a trip to Dollywood with four-legged friends in tow, it’s important to remember that although dogs are allowed in the park they must adhere to certain rules and regulations while visiting. By following these simple guidelines pet owners can ensure that both themselves and their pup have a great time while exploring this exciting amusement park! So go ahead – grab those leashes and get ready for an adventure you won’t soon forget!

Dog Boots Recommended

It is important to remember that Dollywood is paved with asphalt which gets extremely hot during the summer. If you are bringing your service dog into Dollywood during the summer months, you should consider pet boots to protect his feet.

Water for Your Dog

It is important for your dog to stay hydrated. If you have a service dog in the park at Dollywood, especially during the summer, stop to water him often. You can ask for a free cup of water at most food stops and restaurants, but you should bring a portable water bowl with you.

Though dogs are not allowed inside the Dollywood theme park, except for service animals, you can bring your dog and board them at Doggywood, and enjoy the park knowing your pet is safe. Service animals are welcome and must adhere to the park rules, and remember that your dog’s comfort level should be taken into consideration when planning out your day trip.

With these tips in mind, both you and your pup should have an enjoyable time at everyone’s favorite Tennessee theme park!

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