Overnight Protein Oats with Greek Yogurt

Are you looking for a healthy, protein packed make ahead breakfast idea? Look no further than these delicious Overnight Protein Oats with Greek Yogurt for the perfect make ahead breakfast that you can even prepare in bulk!

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My kids are rushing out the door in the morning three days a week to train our martial arts school. They are able to train morning and night because we homeschool. They leave early in the morning and will not be home until lunch, so I am always looking for quick, healthy protein packed breakfast ideas for them. I want something that will support them through three hours of teaching and training and carry them until they get back home.

Are protein overnight oats good for you?

Overnight oats are a super healthy breakfast choice! Oats have a good amount of protein, iron, thiamin, phosphorus and selenium, and are also a great source of manganese and magnesium. Overnight oats are also more digestible after being soaked overnight. This means you absorb more nutrition from your food!

How much protein is in Greek yogurt?

A significant amount of the protein in overnight oats comes from the Greek yogurt. Depending on the brand, Greek yogurt typically has about 13-17 grams of protein per serving.

Are overnight protein oats good for weight loss?

Overnight oats are a great idea if you are trying to lose weight. They start your day with a big dose of protein to give you lasting energy until lunch time. They are also quick and, if you work outside the home, you can grab a quick jar of oats instead of fast food on the way to work or a doughnut from the kitchen at work.

Are overnight oats better with milk or yogurt?

You can prepare overnight oats with milk, but I prefer to use Greek yogurt for the extra protein it provides. My recipe also uses almond milk which has less calories than milk. Remember, switching up the ingredients may change the consistency of your oats. If you plan to change the ingredients, will want to make just one container at a time until you get your consistency the way you like it.

How to you store overnight protein oats?

Overnight oats can be prepared and stored in any sealed container you like. I prefer to store them in glass regular mouth 8oz jelly jars. These are my favorite. These jars seem to make just the right serving for my family. They seal tightly to avoid mess. My older kids like them because the jar drops in the cup holder of their cars. They also clean up easily in the dish washer.

How long will overnight protein oats last in the refrigerator?

Most people will tell you to only keep overnight oats in the refrigerator for three days. However, I confess that we have kept ours for a week or longer. My rule of thumb is the expiration date on the item that expires first. So, if you are using the recipe below, just look at the yogurt and almond milk you use to see which expires first and use that date. I really don’t think your oats will last that long, its a rare occasion that mine ever last more than a week. AT the bottom of this post you can download some free printable jar labels.

Can you make overnight oats in bulk?

One of my favorite things about these overnight protein oats is that I can make them ahead of time in bulk. I usually add them to my weekend prep cooking for the week, double the recipe below, and I have twenty breakfasts ready to go for the week ahead.

Are overnight protein oats cheap to make?

The cost per serving of your oats will depend on your ingredients. I make mine with all organic ingredients so they cost a little more, but I also purchase my ingredients in bulk whenever possible so, some ingredients, like the oats cost just pennies per serving. When I last did the math, my oats cost about one dollar per serving, and that is using a high quality organic protein powder. Still, eight dollars for a meal for a family of eight is a really good deal! It keeps that meal well within my budget of $1.50 per person per meal.

Is it OK to eat overnight oats every day?

Eating overnight oats every morning is a great way to boost your fiber intake. However, if you have been used to a low fiber diet, suddenly introducing lots of fiber can cause some digestive issues so, be careful! I don’t have to worry about this much since my family eats my homemade whole wheat bread every day. You can get that recipe here.

How do you make Overnight Protein Oats with Greek Yogurt?

Making overnight oats is a pretty simple process. I can make about twenty jars in thirty minutes or less when I let my kids pitch in.

First I gather my jelly jars that have been run through the dishwasher and make sure they all have lids ready to go.

Next I mix all of the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. It really doesn’t matter what order you mix them in, but I like to add the protein powder last to make sure it gets well distributed. I use a metal whisk to mix everything together.

Finally, I transfer the ingredients into the into the individual jars. This is where my kids come in. One puts the lids on the filled jars while another runs the completed jars to out to our extra refrigerator.

Clean up is simple. I rinse everything off in the sink, load the dishwasher, and wipe down the counters. It’s that easy. You can print the recipe below. You can also get some free labels to print for your jars below.

Yield: 10 Jars

Overnight Protein Oats with Greek Yogurt

Overnight Protein Oats with Greek Yogurt

These overnight protein oats with Greek yogurt are the perfect make ahead breakfast for mornings on the go!

Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 1 32 oz container Greek Yogurt Vanilla
  • 4 Cups old fashioned oats
  • 4 cups unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 2 tablespoons stevia (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 4 servings protein powder (usually four scoops)


  1. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl with a whisk.
  2. Fill individual containers with 1/10 of the mixture
  3. Seal containers and refrigerate overnight
  4. Serve cold the next day

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