Valentines Day Sticky Notes

These Valentine’s Day sticky notes ideas are a super fun way to show your love for your spouse, kids or someone special this Valentine’s Day. Instead of traditional cards or chocolates, why not get creative this year with sticky notes!

red sticky notes in the shape of a heart on white background for valentines day

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by taking your love to a whole new level with creative sticky note ideas! Sticky notes are the perfect way to show a special someone how much you care and make it even more memorable. Here are 10 fun Valentines Day sticky note ideas that will surprise your loved one in ways you never imagined.

Valentines Day Sticky Note Ideas

Use one or all of these sticky note ideas this year for Valentines Day!

Heart Shaped Sticky Notes

Heart-shaped notes – Cut out some heart shapes from the sticky note paper and leave them around your house as a romantic surprise! This is an easy way to spread a little extra joy and love throughout your home on Valentines Day. Plus, they can be used as decorations too!

Background of many heart-shaped colorful post its over red

Love Quotes

Write down a romantic or inspiring quote on the sticky notes and leave it in an area with high visibility so that your special someone can come across it during their daily routine!

Watching a movie together? Place inspirational quotes throughout the house related to the movie you’re watching for an extra heartfelt touch.


Write down something nice or encouraging that you appreciate about your partner, and place it somewhere they’ll see it throughout their day like placed in their lunchbox or on their car dash board! Hearing kind words from someone close to us can go along way, so take some time to write down what makes them unique and wonderful for an extra sweet moment this holiday season.

Secret Admirer Message

Write a secret admirer message on the sticky note and leave it somewhere where your loved one will find it! This could be hidden in their desk drawer or tucked away in the pages of their favorite book – the possibilities are endless! Not only is this romantic, but it’s sure to surprise them in the best way possible.

Hugs and Kisses Notes

Use Xs and Os ( hugs and kisses) to let your special someone know how much you care about them this Valentines Day! Spread these around for maximum impact; they’re sure brighten up anyone’s day!

Colorful post-it texture with drawn hearts

Valentine’s Day IOUs

Create personalized IOU cards written on post-it notes for things like a date, a movie, dinner, a massage.


Arrange sticky notes in the shape of a heart on the wall, on the bathroom mirror on on your partner’s computer screen. Write love notes on each one for an added touch!

Red sticky papers on a white wall make a heart

Valentine’s count down calendar

Why not create an interesting countdown calendar using post-it notes so your partner can count down each day until Valentines Day arrives? Write a sweet love note on each sticky note or a clue about a special Valentine’s gift or date night.

Love Letters

Take some time to write out a love letter, or parts of a letter, on each sticky notes. Then, hide the notes around your house so your partner has to find them all and put them together to read the whole message.

Coloured post-it notes covering laptop screen

Long Distance Valentine’s Day

If you’re separated for Valentines Day due to work or travel commitments, don’t despair– let them know you miss them by writing down a few words of love on post-it notes and tuck away inside their suitcase.

We hope these simple yet incredible sticky note ideas will help spark up some romance between you two this Valentine’s Day! Have Fun!

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