Six Habits of Successful Stay at Home Moms

Are you struggling as a stay at home mom to keep up with your family and still be yourself? Build and practice these six habits of successful stay at home moms.

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Transitioning to life as a stay at home mom can be difficult, especially for women who have had a career outside of the home. Suddenly, the structure of office hours is gone, along with the goal driving accountability of the workplace.

There are several things that successful stay at home moms have in common. They all seem to cultivate the following habits:

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Top Six Successful Stay at Home Mom Habits

They set goals.

Being a successful stay at home mom is not altogether unlike being successful in a career. There are still achievements and goals to reach, even beyond getting out of bed each day. Setting goals motivates!

A few areas where you can set goals as a mom are:

  • Personal/Self Development – Reading, Learning, etc.
  • Physical – Exercise, mobility, strength
  • Professional – working and growing a home based business
  • Spiritual – Bible reading, scripture memory, bible study, prayer

See a full post here about how to set goals as a stay at home mom.

They follow a schedule or routine.

To feel like you are making the most of your day as a stay at home mom, use a schedule or routine. A schedule is a little more stringent than a routine. When you have a newborn, routines work better.

I have long been a fan of time blocking. I have tweaked the process I use over the years, but I still use time blocks to help me stay on track and reach my goals. time blocking for moms

They practice self care.

Moms who are successful in staying at home with their children practice self care. They do this, not in the large events or activities you may think of when you hear self care, but in small ways every day, like taking a longer shower or bath, or drinking a special herbal tea in the evenings.

They eat well and exercise.

Moms who feel good are happier moms. Those who take care of their bodies feel better, but finding time to workout is not always easy for a stay-at-home mom.

Thinking outside of the box about your workout can help you find times to plug in fitness. Read more about seven ways moms can work fitness into a busy schedule here.

They wake up early.

I know that “early” is relative. Early doesn’t necessarily mean a particular time, but it means before your children. Waking up earlier adds hours to your day. As long as you are not up all night nursing a baby or with a sick child, those early morning hours are the best of your day.

After you have get used to waking up early, you can develop a morning routine that will set your day up for success.

They stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated may seem like a simple and insignificant thing when you are considering the overall success of your day as a mom, but it isn’t! When you drink more water, you are more alert, your body feels better and you eat less. Bonus: weight loss!!

Free Printable Stay-at-Home Mom Habit Tracker

Use the free printable tracker below to track these six habits and add others of your own. Using a visual tracker will help you focus on the habits you are building and stay motivated.

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