How to Create a Morning Routine for Stay at Home Moms

Are you struggling to get your day started? Create a stay at home mom morning routine that will help you attack your day instead of reacting to the circumstances and other stay at home mom tips that will change your day!

Use these ideas to create a morning routine for stay at home moms.  Time management skills are still needed when moms quit their job to stay at home.  | stay at home mom morning routine | morning routine for moms | morning routine ideas | #stayathomemom #morningroutine #exercise #blessedsimplicity #timemanagement

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The first few minutes after my alarm goes off usually set the tone for my day. That first decision to get out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button is the first right decision I make. It really helps that I have a night routine that sets me up for success, but making that decision is so much easier with a clearly defined morning routine.

When I left my job to become a stay at home mom, I struggled for months to find some rhythm. I no longer had a work schedule to maneuver my life around. I also didn’t have a boss to be accountable to. I had to learn to manage my time as a stay at home mom.

For the first couple of months, my new baby was my alarm clock. I slept whenever she was sleeping, so I slept lots! As the weeks went on, I knew I needed to come up with a schedule. My first step in making that schedule work was developing a morning and evening routine.

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Morning Routine Hurdles

My morning routine began with me waking and getting out of bed before my children. It took me a few days to perfect it because there were some obstacles to overcome.

If you are starting a morning routine, be sure to think about these things:

  • Do you co-sleep with a child? Sometimes your waking and getting up will wake your child.
  • What if your kids wake up early? Kids seem to have some sort of built in sensor. When we want to be up and productive before them, they wake up!
  • Where is your husband during your morning routine? Make sure your husband understands your goals for your morning time.
  • Fatigue. Are you nursing or are you losing sleep for some other reason? You should consider adjusting your routine for these things.

Things to Include in a Stay at Home Mom Morning Routine


Before my feet hit the floor, I begin a stretching routine in bed. I’m over forty and have given birth to babies. Stretching is absolutely necessary. Also, my fitness time is in the evening so, it helps to work out the soreness from the previous night’s workout.

When I actually do stand up, I take a minute to continue to stretch out my body. This is also important if you co-sleep with a baby or toddler. They can certainly have you contorted into some strange positions during the night.

Morning Detox

My morning detox routine is nothing special. In fact, its pretty simple. I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Those two things eliminate toxins and bacterial that have accumulated in your body over night.

I make sure I brush my teeth before I take my first drink of water or bullet proof coffee so I can wash out any bacteria from my mouth and not just drink it down. I use Thieves toothpaste from Young Living to provide the maximum detox results.

Get Dressed

This one is a biggie! It was an absolute game changer for me.

When I came home from my corporate job, I lounged in my pajamas for days. Unless my daughter had an appointment with a doctor, or we were completely out of food or laundry detergent, there was no reason for me to get dressed. I finally realized that I was having the day I prepared for every day.

When I finally made the change to dressing for the day I wanted to have, my mindset was completely different. My motivation changed. Interestingly, even my children changed. They would see me with my clothes on first thing in the morning and ask, “Where are we going?”

Dressing for your day may mean putting your exercise clothes on so you will go to the gym. Or, it may mean putting on your work clothes that you completely your household chores in. For me, it means dressing in something other than my pajamas and tying on an apron if I am staying home that day.


I typically drink an eight ounce glass of water just after I brush my teeth in the morning. This rehydration wakes me up and helps me get moving. It also helps me get a big jump on my daily water intake goal.

Medications and Supplements

I’ve learned over the years to take any medications and supplements I need early in the morning. Once my children wake up, my needs always take a back seat to their needs. Medication doses for me are skipped and vitamins are left sitting in their cup.

Quiet Time

In my opinion, my quiet time spent in prayer and bible study is the most important part of my morning routine. It sets the tone for my day. Before my children are awake, I align my thinking and priorities with Jesus. I find my peace and calm before the chaos of my day.

Without a doubt, taking some time for morning prayer and meditation on the scriptures sets the course of my day for success as a mother and wife.


Each morning, I take just a few minutes to look at my daily schedule, my to do list and my menu plan for the day. This is my morning reminder of the priorities of the day, where everyone needs to be, and what everyone will eat.

My daily schedule is a time block schedule that I designed to cover include my children and their schedules, my business and all that I need to do for my home. You can find my complete time blocking strategy, along with the printable worksheets I use here.


For some moms, exercise is part of the morning routine, and it might work best in the morning for you. (Exercise is part of my evening or bedtime routine.) They key to exercise is just getting it done. Work it in whenever it fits in your schedule.


I don’t actually “eat” breakfast. I have my favorite bulletproof coffee every morning. I do make sure I get it finished before I wake my children.

My Mom Morning Routine Extras


You can read about my whole laundry system here. It’s not complicated. There are eight people in our family so, I basically do one load a day plus specific extras on the weekends. Getting that one load a day done begins with tossing it in the washer first thing in the morning.


For years I have lived out of my freezer. I live by my once a month cooking plan. I cook really about once every six weeks, fill my freezers, then take out dinner each morning. If it is a casserole, I put it in the oven and program it to start and stop. If it is a soup or a “dump meal,” then I put it in the crock pot and turn it on.

Essential Oils

I realize that oils are all the craze right now. Everyone uses a different brand and everyone uses them for different things. For me, oils have been instrumental in managing my hormones, weight loss and mood. They are an essential part of both my morning and evening routine. You can find my free oils facebook group here.

Use these ideas to create a morning routine for stay at home moms.  Time management skills are still needed when moms quit their job to stay at home.  | stay at home mom morning routine | morning routine for moms | morning routine ideas | #stayathomemom #morningroutine #exercise #blessedsimplicity #timemanagement
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