Seven Ways to Work Fitness into a Mom’s Busy Schedule

Working fitness for moms into an already busy schedule can be difficult. These seven tips help moms stay actively fit and healthy for more energy and a better mood.

Finding time for fitness is difficult for busy moms. But fitness is super important self care for moms. These are great ways to work it in.

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Have you heard the old saying, “if momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy?”  Well, the same can be said about our health as moms.  In order to keep a home running smoothly, work (even from home) and feel like enjoying hobbies, moms have to stay healthy.  A huge part of keeping our bodies healthy is exercise.

One of the things that changed when we adopted our youngest daughter and brought her home was my ability to go to the gym.  Suddenly, my schedule was full of doctor’s appointments and therapy visits.  She was not sleeping through the night and, due to her sensory issues, was up every morning at 5am without fail.  I tried to find a way to keep up my gym routine, but I quickly realized I would have to be creative to find time to workout.

7 Tips to Work In Fitness for Moms

Wake Up Earlier

No one wants to hear this, especially moms who have been up all night with a sick baby, or moms who are still nursing.  I totally get it!  My baby girl is an early riser every day, no matter how late she goes to bed.  However, I have found that if I get up even 15 minutes earlier, I have time for a short workout.  Several programs have a 15 minute option like TTapp.

Work Out at Home

I love going to the gym, but there are days it just can’t happen.  Working out at home saves travel time and packing time.  There are a host of workout programs available via streaming subscription or DVD.  There are also great companies like ProSource who deliver high quality, affordable fitness equipment right to your door.

Here is a great post with 6 Simple Workouts You Can Do at Home from my blogging pal, Sareeta.

Add Movement

Adding simple movements to daily tasks can really add up.  You would be surprised at how many reps you can add in by doing leg lifts while standing at the sink or squats while moving laundry from the washer to the dryer.

Increase Standing Time

Sometimes moms don’t realize how much of their day is spent sitting.  Whether nursing a baby, reading aloud to older children, helping with school work, or performing family organization tasks, we spend lots of time sitting.  Increasing our standing time burns more calories.  Plus, when we are standing, we are more likely to be moving, which burns even more calories.

Workout With Baby

If you have a newborn or a younger baby, using your baby as resistance and weight provides an excellent workout for you, keeps your baby entertained and provides great bonding time for mom and baby.  There are many mommy and baby workouts on Pinterest.  I’ve added lots of these to my Fit from Home Pinterest Board.

Family Fitness Time

Creating time for fitness when you have children can be difficult.  Finding a babysitter for a trip to the gym or even carving out a few minutes for a workout video while no one is crying or fighting can seem impossible.  Sometimes the only way to work in some workout time is to workout as a family.  Here are a few ways you can make this happen:

  • Take a walk
  • Family friendly fitness video
  • Play a family game of kick ball or other sport
  • Join a gym with a Kid Fit program
  • Create a Family Fitness Challenge


Increase Your Steps

Walking is an easy activity to add at home or at work and tracking your steps is super easy with the abundance of fitness trackers on the market.  Most fitness trackers also either have their own app for your phone to calculate calories burned or they integrate with apps like My Fitness Pal.  Here are a few ways to increase your steps each day:

  • Park father from the door
  • Use the stairs whenever possible
  • Make multiple trips with the laundry
  • Walk while talking on the phone

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Finding time for fitness is difficult for busy moms. But fitness is super important self care for moms. These are great ways to work it in.




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