New Year’s Journal Prompts for Kids

New Years Eve and Day is a great time to introduce your kids to journaling and writing prompts. Help them ring in the new year by reflecting on the past year and dreaming about the New Year with these New Years Journal Prompts for Kids.

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New years journal prompts for kids

Writing down their thoughts and feelings can be an incredibly powerful tool for children of all ages, as it allows them to reflect on their experiences and express themselves in new ways.

Journaling is a great way for kids to practice self-expression, build resilience, develop problem-solving skills, cultivate empathy, increase self-awareness, and tap into creativity.

With new years journal prompts specifically designed for young minds, you can help your child discover new things about themselves while also having fun!

Why kids need journal prompts

New Year’s journal prompts can be a fun and exciting way for kids to explore their thoughts, feelings, and goals while reflecting on the year that has passed. The prompts provide structure, so children have an organized way to express themselves without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by a blank page.

Why should kids journal for the new year?

Journaling is often just as much about reflecting on the past as it is about looking ahead to the future. With New Year’s writing prompts, kids can take time to remember the best parts of the past year and plan for what’s coming in the next one – all within the comfort of their own journals!

Why is journaling good for Kids?

Writing down your stories and reflections not only helps you process them but also gives you a physical record that you can look back on later when reflecting upon your journey. This makes it easy to track areas where progress has been made over time, so children can find motivation through seeing how far they have come.

Journal Prompts for New Year’s Eve

1. What new habits would you like to start this new year?

2. What do you want to learn in the new year?

3. How have you grown since last new year’s day?

4. If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be and why?

5. What new experiences do you hope to have this year?

6. What are you looking forward to in the new year?

7. How can you make this year better than last?

8. What new goals would you like to accomplish this new year?

9. What would you like to do with your family this year?

10. Where would you like to go this year?

11. What is your favorite memory from last year?

12. What did you learn last year?

With these new years journal prompts, your child can explore their thoughts, feelings and hopes for the new year while developing important self-expression skills. Encourage them to take some time each day to reflect on one or more of these prompts.

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