Fall Journal Prompts for Kids

Motivate your kids to form or keep up a journaling habit with these fall journal prompts for kids.

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Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love everything about it from the crisp air to the beautiful colors, especially at Dollywood, to the warm fall comfort foods.

We have a family tradition of finding the first day that smells like fall. Usually, in September, when we begin to see the first few leaves fall from the trees here in east Tennessee, and the morning are is just a little bit cooler, my children start asking, “Mom, is today the day?” I walk out on our front porch and decide if it “smells like fall.”

After that first fall morning, things begin to change around our house. The menu filled with our favorite chili and hearty fall soups. Our first day of homeschool co-op usually happens around this time after Labor Day, and my kids are excited to settle back into that routine.

Journaling becomes more intentional during this time of year as our homeschool schedule picks up. We school year round but, tend to slow the pace a bit over the summer. Our journal habits seem to help us transition during this time of year.

Having journal prompts for kids to use helps those who may me reluctant to journal or those who have a difficult time getting started to develop a daily journal habit.

Why is fall a great time for journaling?

All of the changes that come with the fall season; leaves, weather, food, etc., provide a wealth of journaling material. For younger children, the visible changes are things they can easily see and describe. For older children, the idea of change gives them something to reflect on and journal about their thoughts.

Fall Journal Prompts for Kids

  1. What does Fall smell like?
  2. I know fall is here when…
  3. Describe your perfect first day of fall.
  4. What would you do at a fall bonfire?
  5. My favorite thing about fall is…
  6. My favorite fall meal is…
  7. Falling leaves makes me think about…
  8. When I feel the crisp fall air I feel…
  9. If I could spend a whole day outside in the fall I would…
  10. My favorite place to visit in the fall is…
  11. When I hear the word fall I feel…
  12. Fall makes me think about…
  13. My favorite fall memory is…
  14. My favorite thing to wear in fall is…
  15. My favorite way to eat an apple is…

Print this list of fall journal prompts below.

How can I make fall journaling fun?

  • Decorate your child’s work area for fall.
  • Get a new journal for the season and decorate it.
  • Get new journaling pens in fall colors.
  • Journal with your child using the same fall journal prompt.
  • Encourage your child to journal outside
  • Try nature journaling
  • Offer a reluctant journaler the option of picture journaling

Should I ask my child to journal during the school year?

Yes! If your child goes to school, his teacher will absolutely thank you for encouraging your child to journal. There is much evidence to support the fact that journal writing will help your children to develop their skills of explanation, to improve their writing, and to solve problems in interesting ways. 

As your kids write, they’ll learn things about themselves they never knew before, and they just might even become fascinated by the way the words and ideas come together on paper.

Journaling will also provide an outlet for frustrations and anxiety that may be held in during the school day. Allowing your child a few minutes to journal is the perfect transition to home time from school.

Free Printable Journal Prompts

Download the free printable list of these journal prompts below. Put the list in the front of your child’s journal or post it somewhere near your child’s work area.

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