Back to School Journal Prompts for Kids

Do you want to begin a daily journal habit with your child this school year? Start with these free printable Back to School Journal Prompts for Kids to get them writing.

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Back to School Journal Prompts for Kids

Back to school time may not seem like the best time to encourage a child to begin or continue a journaling habit. Afterall, they already have homework. However, journaling can actually benefit children, especially during the school year, in several ways:

Why is Journaling Good for Kids?

Journaling is a activity that is often recommended for adults as a way to process emotions and boost mental health. However, journaling can be especially beneficial for kids. It can help them to cope with stress, express their feelings, and make sense of the world around them. Journaling can also be a valuable tool for dealing with social situations, social anxiety, and other challenges that kids face in school and among their friends. By giving kids a regular outlet for their thoughts and feelings, journaling can help them to stay mentally healthy and well-adjusted. As such, it is an activity that every parent should encourage their kids to do on a regular basis, or better yet, schedule some journaling time together.

Journaling Helps with Homework

Sometimes homework goes much more smoothly once a child actually puts pen to paper and does something creative. Remember, journaling does not have to be done with words. Kids can create a picture journal where they draw a daily picture about the prompt. There are no rules with journaling. It can look however the child wants.

Also, homework often goes more smoothly when a child has the opportunity to download the events of the day or engage in some activity that will let them remove themself from the “school day” altogether. Journaling as a habit can become this for a child.

Journaling Helps with Writing and Communication Skills

In addition, journaling is a great way to improve writing skills. As kids practice expressing themselves on the page, they will become better writers. Journaling can also help kids learn how to organize their thoughts and communicate clearly. Ultimately, journaling is a valuable tool that can help kids in many different ways.

Journaling When Communication is Difficult

Journaling can also help children process their experiences and make sense of the world around them. For example, a child who is struggling in school may journal about their frustrations and struggles. This can help them to identify patterns and figure out ways to cope with their challenges. Journaling can be a safe place to write about emotions, struggles at school, or issues with friends.

Journaling as a Creative Outlet

Journaling can also be a fun way for kids to explore their creativity and tell stories. Many kids journal as a way to express themselves. It can also be a place to record happy memories or thoughts about the future.

Back to School Journal Prompts

Here are a few of the 15 prompts to get kids talking about going back to school. You can find the entire list included in a free printable below!

  • The thing I am most looking forward to this school year is…
  • The thing I will miss most about the summer is…
  • My favorite part of the school day is …
  • My favorite school subject is…
  • My least favorite school subject is…
  • A funny thing happened at school today…
  • I hope my teacher will…
  • I love it when my teacher…

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Free Printable Back to School Journal Prompts for Kids

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