June Kids Celebrations and Activities Calendar – Free Printables

This June kids celebrations and activities calendar will help you keep your kids busy with a month of celebrations, wacky holidays and suggested activities.  There is something fun to do or something to learn about nearly every day of the week for the whole family.

Keep your kids busy this summer with this calendar full of celebrations and coordinating summer activities for the month of June.  | summer kids activities | keep kids busy this summer | activity calendar | june kids activities #blessedsimplicity #kidsactivities #summerkidsactivities #schoolsout

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Keeping kids busy and active over the summer months when most are out of school can be a challenge. When they get bored, they typically resorts to screen time and of course, we as parents want to limit screen time as much as possible.

If you do allow screen time over the summer, you might consider a contract for screens, especially with older kids and teens.

Free Printable June Kids Celebrations and Activities Calendars

There are two calendars in the download below. One is a June Calendar for the current year so you can see what day of the week each celebration falls on. The other is a list date style calendar for you to print and keep year after year.

June Kids Activities

The month of June is full of holidays, some silly an some serious, like Father’s Day. This list of June kids celebrations and activities for the holidays will provide a month of family fun.


Dare Day

  • Dare your children to do something silly or something super kind.
  • Create a Dare Jar filled with all types of dares for the day.
  • If you need some help with silly dares, plan to play this UNO Dare game. It’s recommended for ages 7-15 years, so it will be fun and appropriate for the whole family.

Flip a Coin Day

National Trails Day (First Saturday in June)


National “Bubba” Day

  • Act like someone you know named or called “Bubba.”
  • Serve Bubba Gump Shrimp for one meal like this Instant Pot Shrimp Scampi.
  • Watch the Forrest Gump movie. It’s available on Amazon Prime Video. **Caution parents of younger children: MPAA Rating PG-13
  • Have lunch or dinner at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant if there is one close by.
  • Bubba is the Yiddish word for grandmother so, do something to honor your grandmother.

National Rocky Road Day


Repeat Day

  • Play a game of “repeating” of saying everything twice. The first person who forgets, loses.
  • Study animals that mimic human voice.


Applesauce Cake Day

Hug Your Cat Day

  • Visit your local zoo to see some big cats.
  • It’s a great day to get a cat 🙂

National Cheese Day

Old Maid’s Day


Hot Air Balloon Day

  • Have a water balloon fight (not exactly hot air, but its fun.)
  • Find a hot air balloon rally near you.

World Environment Day



National Yo-yo Day

  • Play with a yo-yo
  • Learn some new yo-yo tricks
  • Have a yo-yo contest in your neighborhood


Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Doughnut Day


If you know someone who has a VCR and VHS tapes, borrow and watch them. Remember, “Be kind. Please rewind.”


Best Friends Day

World Ocean Day

  • Learn about oceans with these Ocean Activities for Kids
  • Visit an ocean if you live nearby
  • Visit an Aquarium to observe ocean animals


Donald Duck Day

  • Watch Donald Duck on Prime Video
  • Watch a Donald Duck Movie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day


Ballpoint Pen Day

  • Write everything with a ballpoint pen
  • Learn about the invention of the ballpoint pen
  • Write with older style pens that were used before the ballpoint pen

Herb and Spices Day

Iced Tea Day

  • Make Iced Tea at Home
  • Do a drive thru tasting of ice teas from various fast food restaurants


Corn on the Cob Day


National Jerky Day

Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Red Rose Day

  • Visit a florist shop to learn about roses
  • Take red roses to a nursing home
  • Make paper flowers
  • Plant a Rose bush


Weed Your Garden Day

Sewing Machine Day


Flag Day

  • Attend a local flag day event
  • Learn about your national flag
  • Make an easy patriotic desert

Monkey Around Day

  • Play Barrel of Monkeys
  • Visit the Zoo and see the real monkeys
  • Read aloud the Little Monkey Book
  • Sing the Ten Little Monkeys Song


Nature Photography Day

  • Take a nature walk and allow your children to take pictures of everything they see that interest them
  • Print your pictures and create a nature notebook

Smile Power Day

World Jugglers Day


Father’s Day


Eat Your Veggies Day


Go Fishing Day

  • Go fishing at a local lake or pond
  • Play Go Fish
  • Eat Gold Fish Crackers for and Swedish Fish Candy for Snack

Picnic Day

Pack a picnic for your fishing trip


National Kissing Day

World Sauntering Day

  • Learn what sauntering is
  • Develop your own saunter and walk that way all day
  • Go people watching at a mall and look for people who saunter


Ice Cream Soda Day

  • Visit a soda shop and order an Ice Cream Soda
  • Make Ice Cream Sodas at home

Bald Eagle Day


Go Skate Day

National Selfie Day

  • Take selfies with everyone you meet
  • make a selfie collage at the end of the day
  • send a selfie to all your friends

Take a Road Trip Day

  • Take a Road Trip to visit a friend
  • Take a road trip with no destination
  • Map out a course on a real map


National Chocolate Eclair Day


National Pink Day


Swim a Lap Day

  • Go Swimming at a local pool
  • Take Swimming lessons to learn to properly swim laps
  • Earn a scouting swimming badge


Log Cabin Day

National Catfish Day


Forgiveness Day

Canoe Day

  • Visit a local Bass Pro Shop and check out the canoes
  • Rent a canoe at a local state park


Sun Glasses Day


Paul Bunyan Day


Hug Day

  • Give your family a hug
  • Give out Hershey’s Hugs Candy
  • Make a Hug Craft


Meteor Day

Keep your kids busy this summer with this calendar full of celebrations and coordinating summer activities for the month of June. | summer kids activities | keep kids busy this summer | activity calendar | june kids activities #blessedsimplicity #kidsactivities #summerkidsactivities #schoolsout
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