What is a medical Mom?

Are you a medical mom? Do you know a medical mom or are you just wondering, “What is a medical mom?” Find some great Quotes for Medical Moms and find out what they are and some useful tips for medical moms.

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What is a medical mom?

A medical mom is a mom who has a child with one or more medical complexities. Their child most likely spent and extended time in the neonatal intensive care unit immediately after birth so, nothing about their motherhood experience has been “typical” from day one.

Their child may or may not have a formal diagnosis that accounts for their symptoms or condition. This is usually a source of frustration for a medical mom when she tries to explain her child to someone else. To lean more about what being labeled medically complex means, read this article here.

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What types of children do medical moms care for?

Examples of medically complex children include those with:

  • medically significant congenital heart defects (CHDs, e.g., tetralogy of Fallot)
  • tracheostomies
  • medically complex seizure disorders (e.g., intractable epilepsy or uncontrolled status epilepticus)
  • respiratory conditions, such as ciliary dyskinesia and chronic pulmonary disease
  • neurological conditions, such as spina bifida and cerebral palsy (CP)
  • medically complex feeding needs (e.g., tube feedings)

Do medical moms have actual medical experience?

The medical mom is medically trained, educated and knowledgeable about her own child and the symptoms and conditions her child has. She must be in order to be the daily, one-on-one caregiver for a medically complex child.

Medical moms often have little to no previous medical experience. They have dug in, read, researched and educated themselves as much as possible about their child’s condition. This is especially helpful when a child has a rare syndrome or diagnosis. Many times the mom will know more about a particular condition than some of the specialists caring for her child. That’s okay! Everyone is learning.

Do medical moms work?

For most medical moms, caring for their medically complex child is their “job.” Caring for a child with intense medical needs does not always allow for work outside the home. However, some medical moms discover work from home careers or can find time to work part-time.

They also have to have some really creative organizational skills to keep track of and organize all of the medical supplies that are dropped on their doorstep in bulk for their child.

What part does the medical mom play on the medically complex child’s medical team?

Medical moms are typically the most medically knowledgeable about their child. For example, they know how to feed and suction their child, the can give meds and administer at home treatments and even provide therapy with a home program. Medical moms often educate the medical team about their medically complex child’s needs and advocate for medically significant care.

Medical moms will even train others in the family to care for a medically complex child. This can be a beautiful bond building experience.

Some medically complex children benefit from having medically trained siblings who can be involved in daily medically related activities.

Medical Moms and Medical Records

Most medical moms can recite from memory the highlights of their child’s medical record. They do this because they have recalled and reported this information to numerous specialists. For the things that doctors ask regularly, she usually carries copies with her of medications, specialists, etc.

How often do medical moms stay in the hospital?

Medical moms spend more time in the hospital that most moms or even adults for that matter. They are used to admissions, often at different medical facilities, for extended periods of time when necessary. Many of us have a hospital protocol that we and our families follow to keep the house running while we are gone.

Do you know a medical mom?

If you know a medical mom, don’t be intimidated to be her friend. Pray for her. Ask what you can do to help her, but don’t be offended if she doesn’t ask anything of you. She likely has needs that she is afraid to share.

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