Organizing and Storing Medical Supplies {Special Needs Life Hacks – Episode 2}

We were not at all prepared for the amount of “stuff” that came into our home when we adopted our youngest child, Phoebe.  Special needs children, especially those with intense medical needs, have lots of supplies and equipment that typical children their age do not have.  Organizing and storing medical supplies so they can be easily accessed can be a difficult task.

Great tips for organizing medical supplies and equipment for special needs children.

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Organizing Medical Supplies and Equipment

In this episode of Special Needs Life Hacks, Jess and I talk about how we organize and store all of the medical supplies and equipment we need for our special needs children.

Live Episode

Watch the full episode here and follow along with the show notes below.

Show Notes

Storage Spaces

Identify your storage spaces for bulk items

  • closet
  • utility closet
  • under stairs
  • climate controled

Monthly Delivery

Most supply companies deliver once a month.  It is always most difficult to store everything on the day of the delivery.

  • Check in
  • Put it away quickly
  • Newest to back or bottom of stack
  • Store complete stock of items together to quickly know how much you have on hand.
  • Dispose of boxes if possible

Daily Small Storage and Organization

Storing items in smaller quantities near the location where they are used will make life easier.  Restocking these items on a certain day of the week or as needed keeps the things you need in arms reach.  In addition to the small storage areas around my home, I have an emergency box in our car and my diaper bag also has a stock of our medical supplies.

Tips and Suggestions

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