What do stay at home moms do?

What do stay at home moms do? The answer is not simple. There is an entire list of things that make up the stay at home mom job description, and some you might not expect.

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There’s this popular image of the stay at home mom as a domestic goddess, who has endless time to cook and clean and take care of her kids while looking put together. But let’s bust that myth right now: the reality is that being a stay at home mom is hard work, and there’s nothing glamorous about it. So what do stay at home moms actually do all day? Let’s take a look.

What do stay at home moms do?

Most people think they have a pretty good idea of what stay-at-home moms do all day. They’re home with the kids, so they must just watch TV and eat bonbons all day, right? WRONG! Stay-at-home moms are some of the most hardworking, dedicated people out there.


Meals are a big part of a stay at home mom’s day. Not only do they have to cook for their own families, but they also are responsible for packing lunchboxes and snacks, making sure there is always something healthy and nutritious to eat. And it’s not just about cooking: there is also the grocery shopping, food prep, and clean up.


Cleaning is another big part of being a stay at home mom. They are responsible for keeping their own homes clean and tidy, decluttered and organized. If there are children at home, cleaning can be and keeping the house tidy can seem like an impossible task, or at least a never ending chore.


While we are talking about never ending tasks, we have to mention laundry. The mountains of laundry can pile up quickly with more than two people. Depending on the age and stage of the child, a child can go through twice as much laundry in a day as an adult.


Of course, taking care of kids is the most important job of a stay at home mom. This includes everything from changing diapers to providing emotional support. They are also responsible for transporting their kids to and from activities, helping with homework, and generally just being there for them. This part of the job is significantly increased and takes on a whole other dimension of the mother is a medical mom (the mother of a medically complex child).

Nursing Babies

I put nursing babies in a category by itself because it takes up such a large amount of time. Plus, when moms are nursing, their energy is typically lower, and they are often recovering from birth. Nursing does not only apply to birth mothers. It is possible to breast feed an adopted baby though re-lactation. This is the perfect way to bond with an adopted baby.


Errands are another big part of a stay at home mom’s day. They are often responsible for running errands for the family, such as grocery shopping or picking up prescriptions. They may also have to take the car to get serviced, or drop off and pick up dry cleaning.


Finances are another area that stay at home moms have to stay on top of. This includes budgeting, paying bills, and keeping track of expenses.


Homeschooling is a growing trend, and stay at home moms are often the ones responsible for teaching their kids. This is a full-time job in itself, and requires a lot of planning and organization in addition to the daily time spend educating the children. Homeschooling children is often the equivalent of a full-time job in itself.

Side Hustle

Many stay at home moms also have a side hustle to help make ends meet. This can be anything from starting a blog to selling handmade goods on Etsy. Whatever it is, it takes time and effort to get it up and running, and it’s another thing that stay at home moms have to juggle.


And last but not least, stay at home moms also have to take care of themselves. This means fitting in time for exercise, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. They also have to find time to stay connected with their friends and family, and to pursue their own interests and hobbies.

It’s important to remember that stay at home moms are working too; they just don’t get paid for it. As you can see, stay-at-home moms have a lot on their plate! They are multitasking masters who wear many different hats throughout the course of any given day. So the next time you see a stay at home mom sitting in her car enjoying a cup of coffee while her kids are in school or napping, don’t judge her for taking a break. She’s earned it!

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