Weekly Wrap Up – VBS Week

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The Big Story – VBS

This was VBS week.  V.B.S.  That simple little acronym can strike fear in the heart of leaders, total excitement in the hearts of children, and induce an instant twitch in the eye of those brave coordinators, all at the same time.

VBS, cave quest, helmet

Flashlights, lighted helmets and cave dioramas a plenty filled our home and vehicles.  Our VBS theme this year was Cave quest.  Our older children learned new songs that will be stuck in our heads for the next year and all of our littles thoroughly enjoyed themselves and came home each night blissfully exhausted.

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VBS looked a bit different for us this year.  Honestly, I cannot recall what we did last year during the week of VBS.  I know that we had only had Phoebe for a few months.  I vaguely recall sitting in the family room at our church, laptop in hand, attempting to hammer out a blog post or two.  This year, I stayed home with the baby in order to keep her on her schedule, which in turn allows everyone in this house to sleep better.


We attempted a second week of “partial schooling” because our schedule was so packed.  For the last two weeks our children have only been required to keep up with math, daily bible reading and bible quizzing.  That may not sound like much, but it is about half a day of work.  Our older three compete in bible quizzing for our church organization.  Our National Finals are next week.

Last week, our first week of this partial schedule was a complete bust.  As a family, we function best in structure.  When any part of our structure is removed or shifted, we experience some initial chaos until a new rhythm sets in.  However, I am glad I didn’t throw in the towel completely with this idea.  This week, whether due to the added activity of VBS or just us settling in, things went much more smoothly.

Other Highlights

Our sweet Phoebe had a sleep study this week.  We spent Monday night away from home tangled in wires.  I fully believe that Sleep Centers should be called something else entirely.  We didn’t sleep much at all, but just enough to complete the testing.

I took the plunge and started a new business this week.  When we discovered that Phoebe’s severe dust mite allergy, we began searching for ways to eliminate the pesky little critters in our home.  After just a bit of research we discovered Norwex.  The company offers a full line of products to clean your home chemical free.  Among those products is a mattress cleaner that eliminates dust mite feces (the stuff folks are actually allergic to) naturally.  Check out my website here.

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Natural health, homemaking, large family, homeschooling

Natural health, homemaking, large family, homeschooling