Simple Weekly Homeschool Assignment Calendar

Homeschooling is not always easy, and homeschooling with six children definitely has it’s challenges.  One of the most difficult issues is simply keeping everyone else busy while I work one-on-one with a particular child.  It seems that everyone else is constantly asking what to do next.

The simplest way I have found to deal with this is making a weekly assignment calendar for each child.  I print it out and give it to the older three (ages 14, 12 and 10), and I keep it for the younger two (ages 6 and 4).

assignment calendar

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Our assignment calendar is basically a grid that has each subject and the assignment for each day of the week.  I include both independent work and group work so that everyone can easily see what we have to cover each day.

The older students mark off assignments as they are completed and I record their grades right on the sheet so they are all in one place at the end of the week.

At a glance, I can see what is left to be completed each day or each week and the student can always see what to do next.  My older students like the assignment calendar because it allows them to see the entire week’s assignments and they can work ahead if they like in order to create some extra free time on a particular day.

Get Yours Here

I have created customizable version of my weekly assignment calendar for you do download below.  In the free download version, I left plenty of empty spaces at the bottom for you to add in your own subjects and assignments.  On my home version, I have already added assignments and even some activities that I want my children to accomplish.

Some additional categories added to the version I use at home are:

  • Recitation
  • Drill
  • Speed Quoting
  • Music Practice

Anything that your students need to accomplish on a daily basis can be added to the assignment sheet.  For my younger students, I also include reminders for brushing teeth and completing chores.

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