Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

Are you looking or the perfect corn recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner? This list of Thanksgiving corn recipes are absolutely mouth watering and are sure to get you some rave reviews from the relatives!

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Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

Corn is a classic Thanksgiving side dish. Some families have traditional recipes that are absolutely delicious. I know our family has to have fried corn every year. Some families look for something new every year. No matter what you are looking for, a tried and true family favorite or something with a new twist, I am sure these Thanksgiving corn recipes will do the trick!

Why do people serve corn for Thanksgiving?

Corn is a traditional Thanksgiving side dish because it reminds us of the original Thanksgiving feast of 1621. Most historians agree, that though we think of cranberries and mashed potatoes and traditional Thanksgiving sides, the original feast likely consisted of venison, wildfowl and corn.

Can you use frozen corn for corn casserole?

We really like to use fresh corn from our garden for corn casserole either canned or cut straight off the cob, but you can absolutely use frozen corn. Just be sure there is not too much ice in the corn or extra liquid that could alter your recipe.

Can you cook corn in an instant pot?

Cooking corn on the cob in an instant pot is the perfect way to save time and oven space this Thanksgiving. You can do a couple rounds of corn on the cob while the turkey is cooking in the oven.

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