Self Care Activities for Homeschool Moms

Regular Self Care Activities for Homeschool Moms are a must. These five self care practices are free and accessible for all moms.

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Of all the moms I work with, homeschooling moms seem to be the worst at prioritizing and keeping up with regular self care. They faithfully pour time, energy and effort into schooling their children, but they rarely take time to care for themselves.

Five Key Self Care Activities for Homeschool Moms

Most moms don’t realize that the key to showing up better for their family is showing up for themselves. When you give from a place rested care, you give more, give better and show up better for your family. Here are five absolutely free key ways you can provide care for yourself as a homeschooling mom.

Manage Your Mind

If you feel constantly worn out by your life, it is probably not your daily activities that are exhausting you, but your thoughts about your life. When we begin to understand that our live is “transformed” by the renewing of our mind,” and not by the changing of our circumstances, we are on the path to discovering absolute freedom, and relief from discomfort. Here are a few simple ways to manage your mind:

  • A Daily Thought Download
  • Journaling (Be sure to sign up for the free journal prompts below!)
  • Break the Comparison Habit (Don’t compare you or your children to other homeschoolers.)
  • Find alone time to cultivate a healthy thought and prayer life

Plan for Rest

Planning is paramount for homeschooling mom. We wear so many hats and manage so many people that we absolutely must have a plan. The problem with our planning is that we often do not plan for real, clean rest. Planning for regular rest for yourself and your children, and actually showing up for rest, will be like an energy shot in the arm for you and your kids. Homeschooling from rest is the most productive homeschooling you will do. Here are some regular rest ideas:

Reduce Clutter in Your Home

You might not think decluttering your home as much to do with self care, but it really does. When we look around us and see clutter, our brains feel overwhelmed and disorganized. Organized, clutter free spaces help to create a clutter free mind.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Homeschooling is a marathon; not a sprint. When you decide to homeschool, you commit yourself to long days and many years of work (especially if you begin in the pre k years). Keeping your body healthy keeps you physically able to interact with your children, and it keeps your mind clear for teaching and all the other elements of your homeschooling Journey. I teach a four pillar health approach in Release Your Life Training Academy. These are the four pillars that helped me reclaim my health, heal my adrenals and lose fifty pound while still homeschooling six children and caring for a medically complex daughter:

  • Prioritizing Sleep
  • Some Intentional Movement (SIM) every day
  • Daily “Real Life” Food Planning
  • Intuitive Eating

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Find Community

I cannot over emphasize the importance of community for the homeschooling mom. There is absolutely something completely freeing about knowing that you are not the only one in the trenches with your children day after day.

There are many ways for homeschool moms to find community. Local homeschool groups, online forums and social media groups are all great places to start. Attending local homeschool events is also a great way to meet other homeschoolers in your area.

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