Five Daily Routines for Stay at Home Moms

Having a daily schedule is great for a stay at home mom, but committing to these five daily routines for stay at home moms will make your days run more smoothly and help keep your house in order.

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Being a stay at home mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had. It’s 24/7 and there’s no break. I’m constantly juggling my own needs with the needs of my kids, and some days it feels like I’m about to lose my mind. In order to keep myself sane, I’ve developed some daily routines that help me stay on top of things. Here are five of them:

Five Daily Routines for Stay at Home Moms

Being a stay at home mom is no easy feat. It is a full-time job that comes with a lot of responsibilities. From taking care of the kids to keeping the house clean, there is always something that needs to be done. However, it is important to take some time for yourself every day. Here are five daily routines that every stay at home mom should have:

What is a Routine?

It is important to understand that a routine is not a schedule or a plan for the day. A routine is simply a sequence of actions regularly followed. Many small routines will come together to make up your day. If your routines are purposeful and strategic, they will help you build the life you want out of the days you create.

Solid Bedtime Routine

The most important routine you can create is a solid evening routine. I believe the evening routine is more important than the morning routine because the evening routine is what makes the morning routine possible. The evening is where you prep for the next successful day. Some things you might include in a solid evening routine are:

Gentle Morning Routine

After a the night routine, creating a morning routine is the next most important. This is the routine that starts and sets the tone for your day. This is why it is important that the morning routine is gentle and not grueling. You will not want to get out of bed on time if you have a routine of hard things facing you. It is best to be gentle with yourself first thing in the morning and practice some self care early.

I would also suggest, no matter what you include in your routine, wake up before your kids. Every mom knows, as soon as the kids wake up, they dictate the pace of the day.

Some ideas for things to include in a morning routine are:

  • writing a daily plan
  • gentle stretching
  • get dressed
  • hydrate
  • quiet time

Home Management Routines

Having some solid routines in place for managing your house, especially for cleaning and meals, will make your life so much easier. Remember, a routine is just a series of actions done regularly. So, for home management routines, you can place them in your daily schedule where they make the most sense. Some home management routine ideas may look like this:

  • starting a new load of laundry first thing every morning, transferring it to the dryer while your kids eat breakfast, and folding it during your homeschool read aloud time
  • pulling a freezer meal out to thaw for dinner the next day as you do the final clean up of your kitchen
  • ordering your grocery delivery on Friday, prepping freezer meals on Saturday
  • Keeping a “donation” basket in a central location for clothes that no longer fit and items that don’t have a home, taking the donation basket to the car on Friday night, dropping off whatever is in the basket each Saturday.
  • Make your bed and tidy your room as soon as you wake up

Mental Health Routines

A good mental health routine is absolutely imperative for moms. This is the bedrock that will keep you sane when life gets hard and it will allow you to develop and stick to all of the other routines that make your days work. A good mental health routine may include some of the followin:

Physical Health and Exercise Routine

Moms spend so much time caring for other people, but often neglect their own physical health. Prioritizing your own health by creating routines for exercise, supplements, and sleep will keep you feeling your best and able to keep up with all of the activities of your day. Routines to keep you healthy might include:

  • Setting a bedtime alarm 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep
  • Turn off all screens at least an hour before bed and then begin your bedtime routine
  • while your kids are participating in extracurricular activities, get some exercise yourself by walking nearby
  • choose quality supplements that meet your personal health needs and take them during your morning routine
  • Eat breakfast
  • Make a twenty-four hour food plan each day and write it down

Stay at Home Mom Gear

Being a mom is hard work, but there are some things you can do to make your life easier (and hopefully preserve your sanity in the process). From waking up before your kids to prepping meals ahead of time, these routines will help you make it through each day with your sanity intact!

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