Dollywood Preferred Parking

If you are planning a visit to Dollywood, you may be wondering, is Dollywood preferred parking worth it? Find all the pros and cons of preferred parking at Dollywood as well as other Dollywood hacks.

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Is Dollywood Preferred Parking worth it?

Dollywood is a world-renowned theme park located in the scenic Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. If you’re planning a visit to Dollywood, you may be wondering if the cost of preferred parking is worth it. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of Dollywood preferred parking and provide you with some other Dollywood parking tips so that you can make an informed decision about for your family.

What is Dollywood preferred parking?

Preferred parking at Dollywood is an parking option offering a completely separate parking lot with an exclusive entrance to the theme park with a a separate ticket window to purchase tickets and Season Passes. At the theme park, preferred parking allows you to make the most of your family’s visit with no tram rides, and no waiting in line for a tram.

How much does Dollywood preferred parking cost?

Preferred parking is $45 and can be purchased at the gate or online. Preferred parking spaces are limited so, it is best to purchase your preferred parking pass online before you arrive at the theme park.

Are there discounts for preferred parking?

The best way to purchase preferred parking is with a season pass. Gold Passholders receive a $5 discount and Diamond Passholders receive a $10 discount. This is another Dollywood season pass benefit that makes your pass pay for itself.

The Pros of Dollywood Preferred Parking

Avoid the Crowds

Let’s face it, nobody likes fighting for a parking spot. With Dollywood preferred parking, you can avoid the hassle of searching for a spot in the crowded general parking lot. Simply pull into your reserved space and enjoy the rest of your day at the park.

Get Closer to the Action

Dollywood preferred parking spaces are located closer to the park entrance, which means you won’t have to walk as far to get to your favorite rides and attractions. If you have small children or mobility issues, this can be a big perk.

Save Time

Because Dollywood preferred parking spaces are located closer to the entrance, you’ll save time on your walk to the park. This means more time to ride rides, eat funnel cakes, and create lasting memories with your family and friends.

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The Cons of Dollywood Preferred Parking

The Cost

While Dollywood does offer some discounts on preferred parking from time to time, it’s generally more expensive than general parking. If money is tight or you’re on a budget, stick with general parking and save yourself some cash.

The Crowds

Even though you’ll avoid the crowds when it comes to finding a spot in the parking lot, preferred parking spaces tend to fill up quickly—especially during peak times like summer vacation and holidays. So, if you snooze, you may lose out on your chance to snag a space.

Accessibility Issues

If you have an RV or camper, prefer Parking is not an option as these spaces cannot accommodate large vehicles. You’ll need to purchase a general Parking pass and find a spot in the RV/camper section of the lot instead.

Dollywood Preferred Parking Map

Dollywood spent months working with traffic engineers on a plan to expedite guests moving into and through the parking areas and to the front gate. The new process launches with the 2022 Season. The Dollywood website offers a video explanation of the new parking design and several maps of the parking areas.

Dollywood Splash Country Preferred Parking

Preferred parking is offered at Dollywood Splash Country. You can save time and energy at the water park with select parking near the entrance to the park.

So, is Dollywood preferred parking worth it? That depends on your individual situation and needs. If you’re looking to avoid crowds, save time, and get closer to the action, then preferred parking may be worth the cost for you. However, if money is tight or you have accessibility issues, sticking with general parking may be best for your family. No matter what you decide, I hope you have a blast at Dollywood!

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