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Whether you have just made the decision to adopt a child, or have just completed your adoption and want a fun way to make the adoption announcement, one of your must have adoption resources is a cute adoption T Shirt!

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When did adoption T Shirts become a thing?

When my husband and I adopted the first three times, adoption t shirts weren’t even a thing, but I really wish they had been! In fact, back in the day, you really didn’t even make an adoption announcement. You shared with your friends and loved ones, thanked God for your new addition, and went about your day.

We did choose a special adoption bible verse to pray over each of our adoptions, and we even chose a life verse for each of our children, but I admit, it would have been really fun to have a t shirt!

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Why get an adoption t shirt?

There are lots of fun reasons to get adoption t shirts. From including siblings to sharing the good news with family and friends, a T shirt makes this memorable time fun! Here are a few fun adoption shirt occasions:

  • Gotcha Day celebration shirts
  • Adoption Fundraiser Shirts
  • Include siblings and family members with Adoptive Family t shirts (big sister, big brother, aunt, uncle, etc.)
  • Planning to Adopt Shirts (“paper pregnant,” etc. )

Where do I find cute adoption T Shirts?

I am so glad you asked! I have rounded up some of my favorites for all occasions and listed them here in one place for you to choose from. Be sure to let me know in the comments which ones you liked best!

Adoption T Shirts

More Adoption T Shirt Ideas

Check out this post to find the perfect scripture verses to use for your adoption t-shirts and decor.

Adoption and Foster Care Facebook Group

If you are just beginning your adoption journey and have questions or if you have adopted and need support from other adoptive parents, you are welcome to join my Foster Care and Adoption Questions and Answers group on Facebook here.

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