Adoption Fundraising T Shirts

Looking for a fun and unique way to fundraise for your adoption? Check out these adoption fundraiser t-shirts that will get everyone involved!

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Favorite Foster Mom T-Shirts

Adoption Fundraiser T Shirts

If you’re looking to fundraise for your adoption in a fun and unique way, then look no further than these adoption fundraiser t-shirts! 100% of the profits from each shirt goes directly towards helping your family reach their goal. So not only will you be wearing your heart on your sleeve – you’ll be helping a great cause at the same time!

These shirts are a great way to involve everyone in your adoption journey and help raise awareness for adoption. So get involved and order your shirts today!

Why do an adoption fundraiser?

The adoption process is very expensive. Families need help with the entire process of bringing their child home. This can include home study fees, adoption fees, travel costs, and other associated expenses. These costs are incurred before a family ever brings a child into their home.

Is adoption fund raising tacky?

Raising funds for an adoption is totally normal and accepted these days. Adoption fundraisers give people who cannot or do not wish to adopt a way to participate in the adoption process. Many people want to minister to orphans, but do not feel the call to adopt. Also, adoptions are expensive. Many times one family cannot afford to adopt a child, especially through international adoption. Fundraisers make a way for children to still get adopted in spite of the hefty fees.

How do t-shirt fundraisers work?

Adoption t-shirt fundraisers are really pretty simple. First choose or create a design for your adoption t shirt. You can either design the shirt yourself, or work with a designer to create a custom adoption-themed design. There are also many adoption-themed designs already available online that you can use for your fundraiser. You can begin your design with a specific bible verse about adoption.

Next you order shirts. The shirts can be ordered through the company that will print your shirts, an etsy shop, or you can set up an online t shirt store.

Setting up an online store where people can purchase your adoption t shirts is usually the easiest way to sell your shirts. There are a number of different online t shirt platforms that you can use, or you can create your own website.

However, if you plan to sell your shirts in person, you will want to work with a screen printer that is local to you or will ship the shirts to you in bulk.

How do you promote an adoption fundraiser?

Once your online store is up and running, or you have t-shirts in hand, it’s time to start promoting your fundraiser. Be sure to share your adoption story and why you’re raising funds, and be sure to let people know that 100% of the profits from each shirt sale will go towards your adoption.

You can promote your fundraiser through:

  • social media
  • email
  • by passing out flyers
  • at another adoption fundraiser like a yard sale or benefit

Be sure to share your fundraiser with as many people as possible, and encourage them to purchase a shirt (or two, or three!). The more t shirts you sell, the closer you’ll be to reaching your adoption fundraising goal.

How much do fundraiser shirts sell for?

Adoption t-shirts sell for varying amounts. Most people expect to pay at least twenty dollars for a shirt. Some people charge more or less for the t-shirts depending on how much profit they want to make from each shirt and how much they pay for the shirts originally.

Why do T-Shirts make a great adoption fundraiser?

There are many reasons why selling t-shirts makes a great adoption fundraiser:

  • People love t-shirts
  • Wearing a t-shirt is free advertisement for your fundraiser
  • T-shirts help raise awareness for adoption
  • 100% of the profits from each shirt go directly towards your family’s adoption

Best Adoption Fundraiser T-Shirts

Best Adoption Fundraising T Shirts

These are some of the cutest adoption fundraising t-shirts that you can order from sellers on Etsy. You can fund your adoption, raise awareness for adoption and support small business all at one time!

Adoption fundraiser t-shirts are a great way to help offset some of these costs. Not only will you be supporting a family in their adoption journey, but you’ll also be spreading awareness about adoption. So wear your heart on your sleeve and help make a difference.

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