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Are you at home all day and looking for a stay at home mom schedule that will bring some structure and order to your days? Here is a basic framework to build your schedule along with some stay at home mom tips.

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How to Develop Your Stay at Home Mom Schedule

The first thing to remember is no two stay at home moms will have the same schedule and you are the only one who can set your schedule. However, there are some things to include in your schedule that will make your day flow more smoothly.

Get up before your kids.

Not only waking up before your children, but actually getting out of bed before they are awake is a huge boost for you at the beginning of your day for lots of reasons. The problem that most moms have with this idea is fatigue. We are tired, and waking up early is difficult. You can find some wake up early tips here, but here are the reasons why you should.

Develop a morning routine for your kids.

Having a routine that takes the guesswork out of the first hour of the day is a game changer. There is nothing worse than having to answer the same twenty questions first thing every morning. Instead, do everything you can to put your mornings on autopilot so your kids know what’s coming and can even do some of it independently.

Plan time for self-care each day.

Daily self care is essential for stay at home moms. Even if you only have fifteen minutes for yourself each day, plan that time and use it well. You can find a list of over twenty self care practices for moms that can be accomplished in fifteen minutes or less here.

Plan for uninterrupted time with your children.

Planning uninterrupted time with your kids makes them feel valued, and it keeps your from feeling guilty when you take some time for you. During this time you can:

  • Silence your phone
  • Don’t multitask
  • Focus on what your child wants to do
  • Schedule this time early in the day so you can give your child your best

Schedule Time for Housework

If you are juggling an infant, a toddler and an older child, you may not feel like you have any time for house work. I would shoot for a daily minimum each day. If you do more than the minimum, great. If not, at least you are surviving and everyone has clean underwear. Here is my go to list of one a day tasks:

  • One load of laundry start to finish (that means folded and put away)
  • Unload, reload and run the dishwasher at least once
  • One small decluttering task each day
  • Make the bed

Do some intentional movement each day.

Notice that I did not tile this section “exercise.” I did that on purpose. If you had told me as a new stay at home mom with a newborn and a toddler that I needed to exercise, I may have thrown a shoe at you! I am not saying you need to go to the gym everyday or break out the P90X in your living room. Just do some small intentional movement each day. Maybe a short walk around the house, some chair squats and wall push up.

Schedule Time for a Bedtime Routine for Mom

We all know the importance of a bedtime routine for a baby or toddler. Their body begins to get sleepy when the routine starts,, like muscle memory for the brain. The same is true for us moms. A good night’s sleep starts before you go to bed.

You can incorporate things that help you relax, such as a warm bath or shower, and turning off all electronics an hour or so before bed. Your bedtime routine should not be elaborate. In fact, it should be as simple as possible so you can repeat it anywhere. Find more ideas for a bedtime routine for moms here.

Manage your time.

Use some method of time management. Even if your schedule is determined largely by a nursing baby, you can still manage your time well and accomplish more than you think. At least if you do manage your time, you will not look up in six months and wonder where all your time has gone. For time management, I highly recommend time blocking. You can see how it works for moms here.

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