Seven Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clutter Free

The first and most basic rule of decluttering is to stop bringing stuff in or taking on more.  Even if we have gone through the process of decluttering our lives, it seems like stuff just piles up again.  No matter which method you use for maintaining a clutter free home, there are some basic strategies that help keep the clutter beat back.

After you declutter your home, keeping it clutter free is a daily process.  Here are seven easy ways to keep your home clutter free.

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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clutter Free

Sort mail over the trash or recycle bin.

The average adult recieves 41 pounds of junk mail each year.  This is 41 lbs of clutter you can keep out of your home by simply sorting your mail over the trash, recycle or shredder bins.

Keep a waste basket in each room.

Do a 5 minute sweep 4 times a day.

Have the whole family do a 5 minute sweep of the house for clutter and items that are out of place.  I could not believe how just 20 minutes each day (multiplied by the number of people at home) makes a huge difference the tidiness of our home.

Dedicate 15 minutes each day to a specific decluttering task.

Keeping a list on a white board or on the fridge of areas that need decluttering attention makes it easy to pick one task each day to spend just 15 minutes on.  This can be a drawer, the top of the fridge, a nightstand or even a smaller task of a larger project.

Use the 1 in 1 out rule.

For every item you bring into your house, take one out to sell, donate or throw away.

Use the “Hands Full” Rule every time you get out of your car at home.

The Hands Full rule keeps both our car and house decluttered.  Every time we get out of the car at home, every person should have their hands full of things to carry into the house and put away immediately.  Things go bring in a re prioritized:

  1. You own items.
  2. Items that someone else needs help with.
  3. Trash

Even if you have nothing of your own to bring in, you can help someone else whose hands are already full or look around for a piece of trash to take in, even if its just a tiny scrap.  This keeps the car clean and tidy.  The second part of the hands full rule is putting the items you bring in immediately in their proper place.

Spend 10 minutes each day cleaning your email inbox.

Spend this time deleting reading emails, deleting those you do not need and unsubscribing from lists that you no longer need to be a part of.  Keeping your inbox cleaned up will give you more time to focus on larger home decluttering projects.


Set a timer for the timed activities so you don’t get off schedule with the rest of your day.

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Super easy ways to help keep your home clutter free.

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