Raising Knights in a Culture of Jokers – {Knights in Training Book Review}

We covered medieval history in our homeschool this year.  Since we teach in a one-room-schoolhouse style, all of our children, from Kindergarten through 9th grade were studying the same period of history.  All of our children, boys and girls alike, were particularly intrigued with the idea of knighthood and chivalry.  Not long after our study ended, I was invited to join the launch team of Heather Haupt’s new book, Knights in Training: Ten principals for Raising Honorable, Courageous and Compassionate Boys.

It is totally possible to raise boys who are not the "typical boy" of today's culture. Join the Chivalry Movement! Knights in Training is a tremendous resource for boy moms.

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I’ve heard it said so many times, “He’s just a typical boy”, and I have always thought, “but I am not trying to raise the typical boy.”  I have always thought that surely, if I do something different than everyone else, I can expect a somewhat different result.  Knights in Training offers a different mindset toward the idea of raising boys.  It offers hope that we can turn out a different kind of young man.

About the Knights in Training

In an age when respect and honor seem like distant and antiquated relics, how can we equip boys to pursue valor and courageously put the needs of others before their own? This book helps parents to inspire their boys by captivating their imagination and honoring their love for adventure. Heather Haupt explores how knights historically lived out various aspects of the knights’ Code of Chivalry and how boys can embody these same ideals now. When we issue the challenge and give boys the reasons why it is worth pursuing, we step forward on an incredible journey towards raising the kind of boys who, just like the knights of old, make an impact in their world now and for the rest of their lives.

About the Author

Heather Haupt is the mother of three knights-in-training and a spunky little princess. She wants to be intentional during these years of parenting and raise children who will make a difference in this world. Heather is an educator, writer, and popular speaker. Recognizing the brevity of childhood and the power of a parent’s influence, she encourages and equips parents towards intentional parenting, pursuing God, and delighting in the adventure of learning. She is the author of Knights-in-Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys as well as The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks. She writes at www.heatherhaupt.com.

The Author Says

Coming up with the idea for knight training was birthed out of a desire to be intentional in raising my boys. When I saw that their love for everything battle meshed well with my discover that chivalry was far more than how a man treats a woman. I knew I wanted to embark on a season of knight training and pursuing living by this code that for the knight’s of old was an entire way of living. Little did I realize that embarking on this initial season of knight training would alter the way we viewed our role as parents and forever shape the way my boys viewed these years of childhood.

I wrote the book to really flesh out what it can look like to celebrate boys for who they are and cast a vision for a life of adventure embodying the spirit of a modern-day knight. Boys are getting a bad rap these days. Part of that stems from how we approach educating boys as well as a lack of understanding and appreciation for what makes them unique. Our world needs good men and my aim with this book is to strengthen the resolve and equip parents to reach their boys by appreciating who they are and how they are wired as well as inspire them to become the men they are meant to become.

The Knight’s Code

  1. Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  2. Obey those in authority over you.
  3. Stand against injustice and evil.
  4. Defend the weak and protect them.
  5. Respect the honor of women.
  6. Refrain from wanton giving of offense.
  7. Speak the truth at all times.
  8. Be generous and willing to share.
  9. Persevere and finish the task at hand.
  10. Pursue excellence in all you do.

About the Chivalry Movement

Knights in Training is more than just a parenting resource book.  It is a call to action for parents everywhere.  It is a call to rise up and become a part of a movement that can be a catalyst for cultural change.  To become a part of a community dedicating themselves to raising up modern day knights, follow the #chivalrymovement hashtag.

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