Preparing for Doctor Visits {Special Needs Life Hacks – Episode 1}

When you have kids with special needs, especially those that are more medically needy, you spend lots of time in doctor’s offices. Over the years, I have learned that being prepared for those visits to the doctor save me lots of time.

Tips and resources for parents of special needs children for preparing for doctor visits.

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I was a bit overwhelmed when I was handed the list of 13 providers that see our sweet Phoebe on a regular basis.  The scheduling alone is sometimes a nightmare.  I quickly learned to group my appointments as much as possible.  I learned which offices typically run behind and which ones are on time.

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Preparing for Special Needs Doctor Visits

How to prepare for a successful doctor visit and to maximize you time at each visit is the topic of our first Special Needs Life Hacks webinar.  In this episode we will talk about preparing for the visit the week and the night before, what to take with you and questions to ask while you are there.  My friend, Jess Newland and I will be sharing about our own experiences with doctor visits and how we handle those.

You can view a replay of this webinar and all of our other Special Needs Life Hacks episodes on our youtube channel here.

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