Math Galaxy Review

Are you looking for a program to help your student with math concepts? The Math Galaxy apps and ebooks are perfect as a homeschool curriculum or math supplement.

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Math is not always the easiest subject to teach or to master. The more practice your students can get, the better. As students progress into higher levels of math, some parents are not comfortable teaching them at home and look for a tutor for help.

Math Galaxy is like having your own personal math tutor in the privacy of your home for all levels of math all the way through advanced algebra concepts.

Homeschool math practice is fun with the math games of Math Galaxy!  | homeschool | homeschooling | word problems | math puzzles | math games | math worksheets

Math Galaxy Review

The Math Galaxy apps and ebooks are an easy, seamless addition to any math curriculum. They provide extra practice with the necessary math building blocks so students can develop a foundation for more advanced math concepts.

For this review I was provided with and given access to the following:

  • Whole Numbers Balloon Pop
  • Times Tables Balloon Pop
  • All Workbooks

Is Math Galaxy app based?

Math Galaxy offers both apps and ebooks for math practice. I found both to be helpful. When I am trying to limit screen time, I prefer to use a printed worksheet from an ebook. However, when I am trying to engage a student who is not excited about math practice, the apps are quite helpful!

What grade levels does Math Galaxy cover?

The Math Galaxy apps and ebooks are designed specifically for Kindergarten through sixth grade students. Some younger students may need some help setting up and getting started with the apps. All of the apps and ebooks are set up in a math game format so students enjoy practicing foundational math concepts.

Homeschool math practice is fun with the math games of Math Galaxy!  | homeschool | homeschooling | word problems | math puzzles | math games | math worksheets

How do you use Math Galaxy ebooks?

We actually preferred using the Math Galaxy Ebooks. I was able to print off several riddles each week and include them on days of the week when we had time for extra practice. My kids loved these and described them as “the Mad Libs of Math.”

Tips for Using Math Galaxy Ebooks

  • To save paper and ink, print a full set of worksheets then put them in sheet protectors and allow students to fill them in with a dry erase marker.
  • Remove the solutions sheets from the copies and store in a separate notebook for reference.
  • Be sure to use the fit to page option when printing.

My Opinion of Math Galaxy Products for Homeschool

After using the Math Galaxy apps and workbooks for several weeks, I feel that they are a great value for the price and are a simple addition to any homeschool where additional math practice is needed.

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Math Galaxy Review

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