Laundry organization ideas for Large families

Use these laundry organization ideas for large families for multiple strategies for sorting, washing, folding and returning laundry to the right person.

Doing laundry can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have a large family. With the right strategies and organizational tools, however, it’s possible to make laundry day a breeze.

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Laundry can be a daunting task, especially if you have a larger family. With everyone in the family wearing different clothes every day and having different levels of dirtiness, organizing all the laundry can seem impossible.

With the right organizational method, even laundry for large families can become manageable. Here are some tips on how to organize your laundry and make it easier.

Who will have laundry responsibilities?

First you should determine who will have the laundry responsibilities in the family? Will each person do their own laundry, or will one person be responsible for it all? In our family, older children do their own and I do the laundry for my husband and the younger children.

Set Up Specific Laundry Days

Having a set plan for when you do laundry will help keep the process organized and efficient. Decide on specific days each week for doing certain types of laundry, such as bedding or towels, and create a schedule that works best for your family’s needs.

If you have multiple people doing laundry, assign each person a day. Be sue to be clear that all of that person’s laundry must be out of the dryer before the next day.

You could also choose one day to do all the whites and light-colored clothes, and another day for dark-colored items like jeans or sweaters. Setting up specific days will also help everyone in the family know when their turn is coming up so they can prepare accordingly.

Sort clothing by person

When dealing with multiple people’s clothes it can get confusing trying to figure out who’s is whose. To avoid this problem, try separating each person’s clothing into individual hampers.

Set up bins or baskets for each person in your family so that when they take off their clothes after a long day, they have a place to put them without mixing them up with someone else’s clothes.

This will not only make sorting easier but it will also simplify the whole folding process since everything will already be sorted by person instead of by color or type of clothing item.

If you have multiple children living in your home, you may want to consider assigning each child a specific color bin or basket so it is easier to differentiate between their items later on.

Sort Laundry by Color and Fabric Type

Once you have sorted your items by person, divide them into separate piles according to color and fabric type. You should have separate piles for whites, darks (including black), colors (including denim), and delicates (such as silk).

Doing this will make washing the items much more efficient since certain colors must be washed separately from others in order to avoid fading or dye transfer. Additionally, it will also help prevent delicate pieces from being damaged in the wash as well as reduce wear-and-tear on other fabrics due to abrasive materials like denim rubbing against them repeatedly during the wash cycle.

Once the items are sorted this way, they can be placed into separate loads for washing and drying accordingly.

Organize Laundry While Folding

If you do not have each person fold their own laundry and put it away, or if you have some smaller children who’s laundry you do together, be sure to sort out the laundry and organize by person when folding.

After sorting through these items, fold all clothing neatly and place into individual drawers or closets according to person so that everything is easy to find when needed again!

Invest in good storage solutions

Having adequate storage solutions is key when it comes to organizing laundry in a large family. If space is limited, consider using stackable bins or hanging organizers in closets or on doors for holding socks and other smaller items that can easily get lost among bigger pieces of clothing such as jeans and dresses.

Investing in good quality containers or baskets with lids that are specifically labeled will make organizing even easier since everything will already be separated by person before being placed away into storage bins or drawers.

Laundry organization doesn’t need to be complicated; with just a few simple steps like sorting by person and color/fabric type ahead of time as well as matching unmatched socks while folding clean clothes afterwards, even large families can stay organized with their laundry tasks! Not only will this save time but it will also help keep everyone’s wardrobe neat and tidy too! So give these organizational methods a try today—your future self will thank you tomorrow!

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