Books of the Bible Free Printable Cards

Do you want to help your kids memorize the books of the bible? These books of the bible free printable cards are the perfect resource to include with your homeschool bible curriculum.

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Books of the Bible Free Printable Cards

Have you ever wished your kids could learn the books of the Bible but didn’t know where to start? Well, these printable Bible book cards are a great way to introduce the Bible to young children! Plus, they’re FREE! So print them out and get started today!

Why is it important to memorize the books of the Bible?

Navigating the bible, which is one large book comprised of sixty-six smaller books, can be challenging, even for adults. When the order of the books of the bible are memorized, it is much easier to locate a specific verse or information.

One of the best ways for kids to learn something is by repetition. By memorizing the books of the Bible, they’ll be more likely to remember what they’ve learned and be able to apply it in their daily lives. Additionally, this can also help them when they are trying to find a particular book in the Bible. If they know the books by heart, they’ll be able to locate it much faster. So not only is memorizing the books of the Bible beneficial for kids, but it’s also helpful for their parents too!

How to use the Books of the Bible Free Printable Cards

These cards can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can use them as flashcards to help your kids memorize the books of the Bible. Or you can use them as a game where kids have to match up the names of the books with the correct order. Either way, these cards are a great tool to help kids learn about the Bible. Plus, they’re also a lot of fun! So why not print out a set for your family today?

Step 1: Print out two sets of the cards on heavy paper or cardstock. If you have a laminator, you can laminate one set the cards for durability and set them aside for games later.

Step 2: Cut out each of the cards along the dotted lines.

Step 3: Glue the card with the descriptive information and number to the back of the correct name card. After this step, you can now laminate these cards for durability as well.

Step 3: Help your child put the cards in order from Genesis to Revelation to begin memorizing. You can start with just a few books of the Bible and add more as your child is ready.

Step 4: Use the cards as flashcards to help your child learn the books of the Bible. For example, you can say, “What is the first book of the Bible?” or “Can you name all the books of the old testament?”

Step 5: Once your child has mastered using the cards as flashcards, try playing some games with them!

What games can I you play with the books of the bible cards?

You can make up your own games or use some of our favorites like Go Fish or Memory. These games are not only fun, but they’ll help your child learn even more about the Bible!

For Memory, turn all the cards, name cards and information cards, face down and play memory matching them up.

For Go Fish, you kids can make sets of cards based on the type of book, i.e. history, poetry, prophecy, gospel, etc. One child might ask, “Do you have any prophecy books?” If not, go fish! This helps the children understand what the books contain, not just the names of the books and the order.

How long will it take my child to memorize the books of the bible?

Every child is different and some may take longer to memorize information than others. You might set a goal of memorizing the books of the bible in a single homeschool year, or if your child memorizes faster, then in a single semester.

Books of the Bible Memorization Tips

Memorization of any information can be challenging for some children, even adults, but you can make it easier with some of the following tips:

  • Make bible book memorization part of your daily homeschool schedule, then maintain by including the books in your daily recitation practice.
  • Make up a song or a simple rhythm to say the books to.
  • Use visual aids like these free printable cards
  • Make learning fun and relaxing. Children retain more when they are relaxed.
  • Memorize while moving. For some children, body movement helps the brain function.

Learning the books of the Bible doesn’t have to be difficult or boring! With these free printable cards, your kids will be experts in no time! So print them out today and start having some fun while learning about God’s Word!

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