Books About Foster Care

The foster care system can be difficult to navigate. When looking for tips for foster parents, be sure to read these books about foster care to set you up for success in foster care before you begin the or as you complete the home study process.

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Foster parenting is becoming an increasingly popular topic. When I first became a foster parent, there was not a wealth of information available like there is today. The only foster care information available came from our foster care agency during out training classes.

Thankfully now, there are lots of books and blogs available sharing information from experienced foster parents. Here are some of the best books I have found:

Best Books About Foster Care

There are a ton of good books about foster care on Amazon. There are books for foster parents and books for foster children. There are even books for foster parents to read aloud to foster children. These are some of the best!

Books for Foster Children

These particular books are written for children to read. They address issues of identity and belonging and aim to promote a strong sense of security and self confidence in children who are fostered and adopted.

Books About Foster Care

Why is reading books to foster children important?

Foster children need foster parents who can think up creative ways to foster attachment and hopefully, foster adoption. Reading aloud is a great bonding tool. For foster children, you can combine the bonding experience with a helpful book that will help the foster child to better understand his or her situation. You can find other great bonding and attachment activities here.

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Best Books for Foster Parents

These books are resource books for foster parents. They address issues like trauma and loss on a level that parents can understand. They offer advice on parenting foster children and dealing with birth parents. They even offer perspectives on navigating the foster care system.

Books for Foster Parents

If you have questions about Foster Parenting

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