Best Toddler Beds for Small Spaces

The absolute best toddler beds for small spaces or for saving space in a shared bedroom. Using space saving ideas and furniture are just one of my tips for foster parents who need extra room for foster children or for large families.

Find the absolute best toddler beds for small spaces here no matter if you have a small bedroom, transitioning from cosleeping or are making room for a foster child, these toddler beds will save space!

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When our family began to grow, our house didn’t automatically grow with it. When we were a newlywed couple who didn’t even know if we wanted kids, our cozy two bedroom house that originally belonged to my great grandparents was perfect. Fast forward eight years years and three kids later, and we needed to get creative. Of course, we usually chose safe bed sharing or co-sleeping with our youngest, but the others needed a new plan.

We quickly realized, saving space is easier than building space when it comes to housing. That is exactly what we did, especially when baby number four was on the way, and then again later when we needed to save space for foster care The first place we started was with beds.

Best Toddler Beds for Small Spaces

When you begin thinking about space saving beds for smaller bedrooms, bunk beds are the simplest and easiest way to make the most of your space. If you are like us and have two children who are only 15 months apart in age, bunk beds may be the way to go. Low bunk beds still support a twin or junior twin size mattress, but they are low enough to the ground that they are still safe for todders. Here are some of my favorite low bunk beds for toddlers:

Another great idea is using a trundle bed. Trundles are great because they slide up under a regular bed in the daytime to allow room for play. Trundle beds come in lots of sizes to slip under any bed. If you are looking for bed options for foster care, be sure to check your state’s foster care bedroom requirements as some do not consider trundle beds and individual bed.

Using a murphy style fold away bed is also a great option that can be workable for a toddler. Using a DIY murphy bed kit, you can mount the hardware as close to the floor as you like and adjust the fold out legs. When the bed is folded out, simply attach a toddler safety rail or mesh guard and boom, instant toddler bed!

Another option for a fold away bed is a portable bed. My favorite one, and the one my son sleeps on at my parents’ house is this Regalo My Cot Toddler Bed. It is completely sturdy yet folds up easily. It also comes with the fitted sheet to fit the bed.

Aside from the bed, the thing that takes up the mot space in a child’s room is usually toys. There are several toddler beds that include activity centers and various toys that could lessen the needs for additional toys in a child’s room.

Some toddler beds are raised just a bit higher than the others off the ground and allow for some storage space underneath. The Delta Children’s Plastic Toddler Bed is the perfect example of one of those beds. Because the bed is made of a hard plastic it is easy to clean and easy to assemble. It is also pretty inexpensive in comparison to other wooden toddler beds.

Loft beds are also a great idea when you are trying to save space in a child’s bedroom. Loft beds also provide a space to hang out or to escape when the child needs some respite from sensory input. This makes loft beds a great idea for a foster care bedroom. Tuck a bean bag and a worry board under the loft bed to create a safe, comfortable space for a child to calm down.

If you do not have a toddler bed, you can turn almost any bed into a safe bed for a toddler by adding some safety equipment like removable guard rails or bolsters to keep a child from rolling out of a larger bed.

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