Best Father’s Day Gift for Foster Dads

Give the foster dad in your life one of the best Father’s Day gift for foster dads. One of my best tips for foster parents is to remember the dads, especially on Father’s Day!

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Foster parents aren’t always remembered on Mother’s Day and Father’s day, but they certainly should be. Foster Care is hard, and the decision to become a foster parent is a decision that will effect every aspect of your life.

Why Foster Dads are Important

Many children in the foster care system come from broken homes or home where the father is absent. Studies repeatedly show that children without fathers positively present in the home suffer greatly. In early childhood, studies show that school-aged children with good relationships with their fathers were less likely to experience depression, to exhibit disruptive behavior, or to lie. Overall, they were far more likely to exhibit prosocial behavior.

When a biological father is not present, the foster father is the next line of defense against the negative outcomes of an absent father in the life of a child.

Is it okay for a foster child to give a foster dad a gift for Father’s Day?

As aways, talk to your case worker, but as long as there are no unusual circumstances, it is completely okay for a foster child to give a gift to a foster father on Father’s Day, if they want to. Many times children in foster care will want to give Father’s Day gifts to the foster father to feel more like part of the family, as well as out of genuine appreciation. However, they may not want to participate in celebrating Father’s Day at all, and that is also completely okay.

What about the biological father?

Being in foster care can make holidays problematic for foster children. Even days like Mother’s Day and Father’s day can become triggers for negative behaviors for a foster child.

Often times, if a father or other father figure has been even somewhat present in the life of a foster child, the child may worry about giving a gift to a foster parent and hurting the feelings of the other father figure in their life. There are a couple of ways to help your foster child navigate this:

  • Help him purchase a gift for the father in his life.
  • Talk with the foster child and the case worker for reassurance.
  • Talk with the biological father if appropriate.
  • Suggest the child talk to the councelor.
  • Reassure the child that no gift for the foster parent is necessary.

What to give a foster dad for Father’s Day?

Here are some awesome gifts to help recognize and appreciate the foster dad in your life this Father’s Day:

Gifts for Foster Dads

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