Gifts for Foster Kids

These 10 gifts are perfect gifts for foster kids.  Children in the foster care system need need toys just like other children their age, but they also have some particular needs that can be met with targeted gift giving.

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Children in foster care need gifts that are the same at the other children in the home.  However, they also have some special needs that can be met with some targeted gifts.  Christmas, birthdays and placement gifts are easy opportunities to give gifts to foster children that will meet needs beyond their placement in your home.

10 Gifts for Foster Kids


Blankets are an easy, go-to gift for foster children.  They are portable, can be carried in a backpack, and they can meet a variety of security and sensory needs

Weighted and Sensory Blankets from Etsy

Children in foster care have very few constants in their lives.  Though parents would attempt to wean other children from a security blanket, for a foster child, a constant security blanket can provide a measure of stability that they do not get elsewhere.

Fidget Toys

For many kids with autism, sensory disorders, listening challenges or other special needs, fiddling with a toy can help them keep calm, focused and attentive.  Foster children often have high anxiety and an abundance of sensory needs.  Fidget toys make great gift for them that they will enjoy while meeting a need. Here are some of my kids’ favorite fidget toys:


Kids love books, especially if you are willing to read the book to the child. In fact, reading can be an essential part of bonding with an adopted baby.

There is also some great research that shows the positive effects reading has on children’s brains and how encouraging children to read improves their cognitive functioning.

Finally, if you have books that are particularly special in your family, you can give those particular books to a foster child to either make them feel like part of your family or help them remember you when they return home. These are my favorite books for foster children:

Ten perfect gifts for foster kids!  Gifts can be both fun and therapeutic.  These gifts are great for birthdays and Christmas or any occasion.

Personalized Items

Personalized gifts will have a special significance for foster children. Many of them come from a neglectful situation and had very little in terms of material items and often nothing new of their own. Having something with their name on it means a couple of things. This is mine and it never belonged to anyone else.

Personalized Gifts for Kids

Journals and Pens

Foster children have lots of thoughts and emotions. They are also going through lots of changes. Sometimes writing is an easier way to communicate, which is why some families use a worry board to open lines of communication. For this reason, journals and pens can be a great gift!

Crayons and Books

Giving coloring books and crayons is largely the same idea as giving older children journals and pens. Younger children will sometimes use pictures to communicate. Coloring also gives a creative outlet for all ages and even promotes relaxation. Here are some of my favorite coloring resources including crayons for special needs:

Portable Items

It’s sad to think about, but for foster children, having items that are portable and easily tucked in a backpack for travel is important. Not only do they have home visits, but they can even change foster homes several times during a stay in foster care. It is extremely important that they be able to take things with them so they don’t feel that they are leaving everything behind. Some small portable items might be:

Indoor Tents

Indoor tents are one of my new favorite things for kids, especially kids who need a break from lots of sensory input or those who need to feel snuggled to feel safe. Tents also provide a safe place for retreat from the world. I don’t leave tents up all the time and I am not a fan of the on bed tents, but I do like to have one on hand to offer a sensory break or a place of retreat when a child needs it.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes may not seem like the ideal gift for foster children since placements change and sometimes they return home. However, the address for a box can easily be changed and a child can keep getting a monthly gift no matter where they are. It could actually provide a bit of stability in an unstable situation. Boxes can even be forwarded to a social worker if need be to deliver to the child at a monthly visit. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Mickey Monthly” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Mickey Monthly – monthly Disney items for kids by age. Mickey Monthly was the first and still the most popular monthly subscription box in the Disney niche. Mickey Monthly creates a loyal following with our members by sending both an excellent value and high quality Disney items. Theme Park Edition Boxes are the most popular and contain authentic Disney Parks items we personally buy on Disney property (WDW).
  • Sensory TheraPlay Box – Sensory TheraPLAY Box is a fast growing sensory toy subscription box designed for children on the autism spectrum. A licensed occupational therapist carefully selects the toys and items which go into the boxes each month. 

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