Adoption Fundraising Ideas

This list of adoption fundraising ideas will help you fund your adoption in creative ways that you may not have seen before.

The adoption process comes with many expenses whether you adopt domestically or do an international adoption. Fundraising provides adoptive parents with a great way to offset those costs.

Adoption fundraising also allows people who are not able to adopt to participate in ministering to orphans by being part of the adoption process.

Adoption can be an expensive process, but fundraising can help ease the financial burden and make your dream of growing your family a reality. Below are ten fundraising ideas you can consider for your adoption journey.

Though all of the ideas for funding an adoption may not work for every family, combining several ideas that do work can significantly offset adoption costs.

12 Adoption Fundraising ideas that work

Coming up with creative adoption fundraisers can be a challenge. It’s always a good idea to take an idea and give it your own twist to make it personal.

I like fundraisers that are meaningful and allow those who participate to keep a reminder of their help with the project like an adoption t-shirt fundraiser.

Raising funds for adoption can be a lifesaver for many families facing the steep financial costs of adoption.

The adoption process can be expensive, and can often place a significant strain on the financial resources of adoptive families.

Additionally, raising funds can create an opportunity for friends and family members to contribute to the journey and feel a part of the adoption process.

Finally, knowing that others are invested in their journey can provide an emotional boost and reinforce the feelings of love and support from the community.


Crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe allows you to create a personalized fundraising page and invite friends, family, and even strangers to donate.

Crowdfunding allows others to donate to your adoption costs with little to no initial investment from you into somethings to sell.

When fundraising through crowdfunding, be sure to share your personal story and the heart behind why you want to adopt.

Share your story and crowdfunding links on social media and ask your friends to share as well. This will help you reach more people who might be willing to help.

Yard sale or Garage Sale

Host a yard sale or garage sale and sell gently used items that you no longer need or want. All proceeds will go towards your adoption expenses.

You can even ask your friends, neighbors and family to donate items. Most people are happy to pass on items that are no longer useful, especially if you will pick them up.

Adoption T Shirt Fundraiser

T-shirt fundraisers are perfect for adoptions. You can personalize them with a meaningful saying, hashtag supporting your adoption, or even the country you are adopting from.

Unique Product Sales

Consider selling unique products such as custom-made t-shirts or jewelry with creative designs related to adoption needs; donating a percentage of profits from each product sold towards your adoption fund will help raise additional funds for the process.

Taking this approach also allows adoptive families to have more control over when they receive donations as opposed to traditional funding sources like grants which give away money periodically throughout the year rather than immediately when needed most by adoptive families.

Cookbook Sale

Create a cookbook by collecting favorite recipes from friends and family who are willing to contribute towards your cause – use recipes from different cultures while ensuring they present an interesting mix of flavors!

Additionally, generate more income by including advertisements from local businesses into your cookbook – these ads will complement the adopted recipes perfectly!

Pop Up Shop

Rent out a booth at a craft fair or flea market and offer handmade items or goods for sale while advertising all proceeds going towards your adoption fund at checkout counters.

Make sure you also have flyers and business cards on hand ready to spread awareness about your cause!

Benefit Dinner

Organize a benefit dinner where you serve food and drinks while guests make donations towards your adoption fund during checkouts; this sets up an opportunity for intimate interactions where people understand what leads you down this path and how much it means for them to contribute financially.

Social Media Auction

Host an auction on your social media platform by inviting friends and family from all over-world wide social circles – every item donated would bring hope closer into reality with bids going higher day by day which also increases chances of success!

Keep bidding open for several days in order maximize profits; advertise key details about where funds are allocated after auctioned items are sold out.

Fundraising Walk or Run Event

Organizing fundraising events such as walks or runs provides an opportunity reach out beyond known circles – ask participants pledge certain amount per mile/lap completed successfully; adoptees receive support after each successful milestone achieved.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many employers provide matching gift programs whereby they match employee donations made. Research corporate matching policies beforehand understand specific requirements/timeframes involved minimum donation amounts allowed.

Benefit Concert or Talent Show

Gather local artists together and host benefit concerts/talent shows solely dedicated towards raising funds. Use promotional material like posters/flyers to drive maximum target audience prior show time ensure proceedings are sent straight away once event concluded.

Car Wash

Organize a car wash and ask for donations in exchange for a clean car. A public car wash will allow you to raise funds outside of your immediate friends and family circle.

Get a business that is in a highly visible location to donate their parking lot and the water for the car wash so you have very little investment.

Silent Auction

Encourage local businesses to donate goods or services for auction to raise money for your adoption. Host an in person silent auction or host your auction in a Facebook group and allow people to pay online.


Get donations from local businesses for raffle prizes, sell tickets, and draw winners at a scheduled event.

These are just a few of the many fundraising ideas available to adoptive parents. Choose one that resonates with you, and be sure to follow all legal and logistical considerations, such as obtaining necessary permits and licenses.

With determination and creative thinking, it is possible to overcome financial obstacles and bring a child into your loving home.

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