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... but if you are like these note cards, and want to have something super special just like this for every occasion, for everyone in your family... 

I've got the perfect solution, just for YOU!

Give something from your heart instead of your wallet!

  • 35 pages of printable notes for children, parents, spouse, grandparents, friends, even veterans
  • Themed notes for seasons and holidays pre written and blank for your own messages.
  • Perfect for lunch boxes or briefcases!



You missed out!

Are you always looking for little ways to show your children or your spouse that they are loved? 

Are you sometimes at a loss for words to just simply say "I love you?"

Do you have the best intentions for doing simple acts of kindness but never seem to find the time?

Do you want to remind your kids and spouse that you are thinking about them, but you run out of time?

You have so much to keep track of with appointments, to do lists, grocery lists, and menu plans. Not to mention your work, goals, dreams, and plans.  Sometimes making some grand gesture doesn't seem doable.  

I've been there! So I created a solution. 

I'm a busy, homeschooling mom of six children. Sometimes it's so difficult keeping my home and managing all of the relationships in my life.  

I tend to get caught up in all I am doing and forget to show the people around me how much I care.

I never thought simple little note cards tucked in lunchboxes, gear bags, and book bags would make a big difference, but they do!  

My family loves finding them, and so will yours!

A YEAR of printable Love and Encouragement Notes is exactly what you need to quickly and simply remind your loved ones that you are thinking of them. You don't have to spend hours coming up with the perfect thing to say.  It is done for you!

Here's what you get:

  • Over 30 pages of printable notes both pre written and blank (over 120 notes)
  • Notes for your family for all occasions and seasons
  • Notes for veterans
  • Printable Journal Stickers