Eliminating buyers remorse and staying within a predetermined Christmas budget is an easy way to keep your holiday season relaxed and stress free.

Reasons people go way over budget, they have no established budget and they do not include all expenses that accompany the holidays

A Christmas budget is how much you can spend without going into debt.  This includes not using credit cards.

Instead of determining how much they can spend and planning accordingly

People list everything they need to purchase and then try to come up with the money to buy it all.

Ask yourself:

How much have you saved for Christmas expenses? How much excess funds do you have to spend?

Talk to your spouse about your Christmas budget.

List Expenses:

Some typical holiday expenses are travel, food, clothing, and gifts

Agree upon the budget and a check in time to review receipts.  Hold yourselves accountable.

Establish Accountability

The Christmas season is no different than any other day of the year for finances. We must live within our means.