Are you tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed?

Let me show you how to create a life you LOVE waking up to each day!

It's time to reinvent your life, instead of reacting to it!

Take control of your emotions instead of living in Anxiety and Fear!

Nurture and Grow you most important relationships!

Learn to do hard things without procrastinating!

Set goals and actually achieve them!

Take the first step to creating a life you love!

Do you feel like you've been living the same groundhog day over and over for years?

Let's face it. Life is hard!

  • You feel overwhelmed and scattered every. single. Day.

  • You make lots of plans and never follow through.

  • You are the Queen of Procrastination.

  • Your house is messy and you seriously would rather sit down and read a book.

  • You want to make four course dinners, but it's cereal for breakfast again.

  • You want to lose weight, but it's so much easier to watch other people do it on TV.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are disappointed with your life.
  • You feel like you need a complete life overhaul.
  • You feel lost without direction and purpose.
  • Every relationship you have is hanging on by a thread.
  • You overeat and overspend just to get through each day.

You are not Broken! 

...but your way of looking at life might be.

You can change it all with a Roadmap, a Guide, and a Community to travel with you!

Release combines modern behavioral psychology with ancient biblical wisdom to equip you to rediscover and live the life you were meant to live! 

Get instant access to a Private Members Only Community, Training Videos, Printable Life Planner, plus BONUSES!

Start the journey toward living the life you want TODAY with some amazing tools and a roadmap in the form of:

  • Weekly teaching on topics chosen to walk you, step by step, through the life overhaul process, so you can quickly gain control of your time, money and relationships.

  • Weekly opportunities to get your questions answered by me so you NEVER have to feel stuck!

  • A monthly small group, led by me, of  women who are in the trenches with you, and really get where you are!

  • A private community designed with daily encouragement to keep you motivated, even when the “new” wears off!

  • Access to all of the teachings, printables, and group recordings on a hosted platform so you can listen multiple times and work through at your own pace without ever feeling behind!

Can you imagine the impact you would have if you could show up as your BEST SELF everyday?

  • Being confident in your ability to serve others and use your gifts, without worrying what other people think.
  • CREATING a life where you are getting the things done that you want without procrastinating.
  • Living for the future instead of staying stuck in the past.
  • You wake up everyday and feel so much excitement and passion for your life and the people in it.
  • You are using your gifts in ways you never imagined.
  • You have stopped resenting and blaming others.  
  • You have so much joy and peace, despite your sometimes difficult circumstances.
  • You are confident that you can handle what comes your way because you've stopped numbing your feelings and have taught yourself how to truly be where you are.
  • You break generational cycles of poor health and poverty.
  • You feel SO ALIVE!

I'm Melissa, your Guide!

I'm a certified Christian Life Coach with a background in traditional counseling, and the founder of Release Academy.  

I work with all kinds of women across a large spectrum, from business women to stay-at-home moms, and I teach them ALL how to live exceptional lives, even with all sorts of extraordinary circumstances.  

Who was Release created for?

Women who feel stuck.

Do you feel like you have been stuck in the same cycles of procrastination, fear and lack for YEARS?  Release is for YOU!

Mom's who want to be a mom and have it all!

Do you love being a mom, but you want a thriving business or a fulfilling ministry too?  Release is for YOU!

Women who feel like they have gifts that are unused.

Do you feel like you have gifts buried inside of you that have never been used or have grown stale?  Release is for YOU!

Women who's lives feel stale and uninteresting.

Do you wake up every day already bored or dreading the day ahead?  Release is for YOU!

How does it work?


The process begins with RENEWING your mind and training your brain to think new thoughts on purpose.


We begin living a transformed life that is generated from a renewed mind.  


Our transformed life allows us to finally RELEASE our God given gifts into the world!

Real Success Stories

Working with Melissa has truly been one of the best things to come into my business this year. While I was hesitant in the beginning because I wasn't sure diving into mindset issues would matter, I decided to set aside my initial reservations and see what could happen. Discovering things that I didn't know were even holding me back has changed how I look not only at my business but myself and even though it's not always easy, is allowing me to build a better business, and a better me.

Amanda Moutaki


Melissa is a fantastic teacher. She has a calm voice that’s easy to listen to, and her personable and caring manner draws me right in. Mindset topics can be confusing and overwhelming, but Melissa explains the concepts in simple terms with relatable examples. I have learned so much about my brain and thought cycles, and have been able to apply the tools I’ve learned to help me maneuver the mindset hurdles that come my way. I highly recommend Melissa as a mindset coach!

Jamie Joyner


If you are struggling then you need Melissa, she has helped me so much. I am truly in a better place mentally with the help and support from her. If you are considering this you will only benefit if you take the leap of faith and put your mental health first.

Sharon Rowe


Are you ready to move on?

If you feel like you're living your life on a sit n' spin; expending massive amounts of energy and getting nowhere ...

Then, it's time to make a change!

It's time to use your gifts and dream again!


As a bonus, schedule a free private coaching with me to get you unstuck quickly and moving forward on your journey to a whole new you.  Let's talk about the thing you feel is the biggest obstacle in your way right now.  

What is included with membership?

  • Weekly impactful teaching on topics that are relevant across the spectrum of life, business, ministry, relationships, etc.
  • Monthly workbooks including the homework assignments and outlines to enhance the monthly teaching topics and provide practical application.
  • Weekly group coaching with opportunities for individual coaching on a volunteer basis.
  • Free access to bonus workshops that are not offered free to the public outside of the membership.






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